Thursday, September 17, 2009

I blame the rain

So. I know last time I said I would talk about the cheese-making class. BUT: I've decided to hold off until I develop my pictures and have some instructions so that I can talk about it in a coherent and sequential, illustrated manner.

But I will say this: the process of making cheese doesn't smell as bad as I thought it would. It really doesn't smell too bad, period.

Also, yesterday I was extremely flustered and thrown off.

We were running late, it was raining everywhere (oh, it's doing that where you are, too? Lovely.), and Cody dropped me off and there was a man standing in front of my building holding a clipboard.

The power was off and if I wrote my name and number on his piece of paper, he would call me to let me know when the power was restored.

I wrote my name and number on the paper, but first I had to flag down Cody so that he didn't drive off and leave me in the rain.


I should probably also mention that we were celebrating a Very Special Duggar Day since it would be our last one with Ateca and I had poofed up my hair on the top and made a cake.

Okay fine, Cody made a cake and I stacked it, iced it, and decorated it.

But I juggled that mess, scrawled my information on the page, and scuttled back to the car. We took Cody to work and I did what anyone in my situation would do: I went to Home Depot. I wanted one of those little aprons they sell for 77¢. They seem handy.

I hadn't even gotten to the hardware section when my supervisor called to let me know that we could wait in a designated area, because we would have to use our vacation time if we went home. Seriously.

So I drove back to work, smooshed down my hair (I wish I'd thought of that before going to Home Depot), and waited around with some co-workers.

But I was bored and went home.

Once I got there, I was really hoping the power wouldn't come home and I could run errands, develop a roll of film, do some laundry and just enjoy the feeling of accomplishing something.

I had sorted the laundry into piles, picked up the house, filled up a sink with soapy water and dirty dishes, and was ready to start sweeping when the phone rang just before 11:

The power was back on. I took my destroyed tv dinner to work and turned on the fan (Ateca had already opened the window in my office) and enjoyed a day of dampness.

I at least got to hear the rundown of last night's episode....and what other people did while they waited to go to work....and everyone enjoyed the cake.

It's a three-layer white cake with pink icing and lots of sprinkles.

Sprinkles make everything happier.

There was talk of putting in a candle for every Duggar, but that would have killed the cake.

And some people were concerned about fire hazards.

And there you have it. I was quite thrown off my routine with the silly power outage.

We'd planned to make peach preserves last night and didn't, that's how flustered I was when my routine was interrupted.

Okay fine, we skipped making peach preserves because we're lazy and wanted to enjoy the rainy evening with frozen pizza and television and back rubs.

But there will be a post about cheese, with pictures, later.

Waiting will make you appreciate it more.

Just humor me.

The post will be post, the peach preserves will be canned, and all shall be well.

But tonight: laundry.

I'm really going to miss Duggar Days (and Ateca). They break up the week and make it fun and it's a nice reason to celebrate an otherwise drab day. And they're really starting to leave a mark on me: Yesterday, I actually uttered the phrase "Tell me this isn't the cutest jumper you've ever seen!"

Yes. "Cute" and "jumper."

Like homeschooling, Duggar Days can certainly leave an impression.


Laine said...

I did not know about the hair poof! I'm glad you included that in this post.

And, yes, that was pretty much the cutest jumper I've ever seen!

Teca said...

You're taking a cheese class? Really now? What kinds of cheese are you making? Glad that you're going to miss Duggar days (and me of course). I will make it my life's mission to post something to your Facebook no later than Wednesday mornings, so you'll have something to look forward to on Wednesday afternoons. I'll make sure that I'll make each summary entertaining as if I were in person telling you.