Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Happy list on a gloomy day

Here are some happy facts about this day, which has been filled with storms and everyone and their cousin falling ill:

1. Monsters of Folk has their album up on myspace and you can listen to the whole thing. I already did and I mostly like it. Because I mostly like Jim James. But still. Check it out.

2. Speaking of Jim James, he has some George Harrison covers up. Oh goodness. "My Sweet Lord" is lovely. You should check that out, too.

3. Jim James and his voice.

4. Jim James and his beard.

5. Covers.

6. My shoes have dried out from this morning's rain.

7. I learned that I am grammatically intimidating. People have been telling me that my hypercritical tendencies are why they hesitate to text/email/write me, but I just thought they were avoiding me. But this came from Spencer, brother to my husband, and I see him on a pretty regular basis. I thought he was just jittery or on drugs. But no. I'm "grammatically intimidating." I think I'm just amused by his word choice.

8. After a weekend with my sisters and Dallas, and an email from my mom, and visits with parts of Cody's family, I had a nice little conversation with Levi on the phone last night. Conversations with Levi are always nice.

9. Another great thing about this weekend: a church a few blocks away from us cleaned out a Sunday school room and left several somewhat useable chairs and shelves and a prop manger out by the curb. Cody and I are now the proud owners of 4 chairs and the manger. The manger will be a planter for onions. The chairs have been washed, and we have wood glue and nails for our upcoming adventures. I especially love the 2 smaller, all-wood (probably oak) ones. Perfect.

10. Cody and I are taking a cheese-making class tonight! Don't worry. I'm taking pictures. I'll even tell you all about it tomorrow if you want.

I'm pretty sure that's what you want.

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