Monday, September 14, 2009

Birthday post for and about Dallas.

Hey there! I hope you had a lovely weekend.

Because I did.

It was chock-full of lovely adventures, but for the moment we're going to focus on one superimportant aspect:

Dallas's birthday.

That's right. Today is Dallas's 8th birthday. So we're going to talk about how attending his birthday party on Saturday was the highlight of an extremely great weekend.

On Saturday afternoon, the sisters convened at Sara and Chad's house so that we could assemble our gift. We'd all bought him tools, because he's becoming quite the handyman, and put them in the gift bag.

I should mention that the Tools From All of Us idea was Levi's.

Then, we all piled into Chad's truck to go to the big party.

Chad took an extremely bumpy route.

Laine documented much of the truck adventures (all pictures in this post are from Laine. Thanks Laine!).

Here we are, very happy to be going to the party.

Here's Laine with Dallas, just before we left.

Laine actually didn't document much of the party. We were busy eating and visiting and watching Dallas unwrap presents. You know, partying.

But don't worry, I took pictures of his breathtaking cake. It was Ben 10-themed and impressive. We visited with people and ate hamburgers and hot dogs while children chased one another with water guns.

Cody even talked to people. I was proud of him.

Oh yes, here I am with Dallas.
I'm stooping down a little bit.
But only a little.
I think we know how his tenth birthday party picture is going to look.......

Back in the truck!
Laine and Sara took this while waiting for me to get in.
I was caught up in talking to Dallas's Gran Gran.
The topic?
How quickly babies turn into great big grown people.

Laine told Cody to smile for her picture.
She came to regret that.

Chad also enjoyed the party, and our visit, but I think the 3 of us had been talking for nearly 4 hours straight when Laine took this picture.
I think he was a little tired.

He was ...... something.

Back at the house, we decided the world needed more pictures of us.
At least I look like a little bit less of a goober. Also, check out Sara's fabulous TSOS shirt I picked up for her. She put it on and wore it to the party even after I told her the guy who pulled it out for me looked like a young version of Duncan MacLeod.

On the other hand, I can see why that wouldn't faze her.

When you live with this face:
you just become immune to certain kinds of creepiness.

Chad decided to smile for Laine in that picture. How kind.

I've noticed Dallas's less-than-enthused picture smiles look very familiar to some of ours.

However enthused he may or may not have been about taking more pictures, I like this one.

Happy 8th birthday, Dallas! Thank you for having us at your great birthday party, and I hope you're having a wonderful birthday today! Love you, buddy.

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