Wednesday, September 9, 2009


3 years ago

I stood before family and friends and listened to Dr. Daily tell the story of how Cody and I met and began to care for each other. It was the tidy version our friends had told him the night before. I am still grateful for that favor.

We exchanged vows and rings and were married.

I saw Granny for the last time.

We served cupcakes for wedding cake and the groom's cake was based on a cover of a Justice League comic.

I took this awesome picture with our brothers (copied straight from my wedding album).

We got in the Saturn after the reception and Cody said, "Okay, here's your wedding present: You get these three presets on the radio and you can listen to any radio station you want when we're riding together." I felt so married!

We were living in Conway.

Cody later told me I looked really hot in my wedding gown.

2 years ago

Cody and I were getting to spend our anniversary together even though he had been scheduled to work at his new job. He had failed a drug test and was waiting on the results of his third or fourth test. (He eventually 'passed' one and we learned a valuable lesson: Cody is prone to false positives.)

We went to Dallas's 6th birthday party. My family gave us cards.

He had grown a beard. I told him he looked really hot with a beard.

I had a job with insurance benefits.

We were living in Little Rock.

I was reaping the benefits of giving Cody The Joy of Cooking as a Christmas present.

1 year ago

I discovered fleas in our apartment and it kind of ruined the day (I didn't mention it much because there were about 5 different ways they could have made it into our apartment and I didn't want to point fingers. And I didn't want you to think I was dirty). We had a nice dinner with Cody's family, though.

We didn't know it, but his diploma would arrive in the mail 2 days later and definitely boost our moods. We celebrated that by going to see The Science of Sleep play in Conway, and then going to Dallas's 7th birthday party the next day.

We had started canning things.

I had scaled back on allergy shots and maintenance allergy medications.

In the past year

I have discovered many uses for borax, and how you can use it to get rid of fleas.

We have gotten new glasses.

We said goodbye to the Saturn (after Cody wrecked it) and are now a one-car family.

We've rearranged some of our plans.

We moved. We're in North Little Rock this time.

We've been to no fewer than 4 used book sales.

We took a road trip to Iowa.

I got a promotion.

We exchanged our gifts this past weekend because I was just too excited to wait. I told him to buy me this bag


and I bought him a coffee press. He always looks at them when we go to Starbucks and comments "One of these would be really great for making sauerkraut." I don't know if he'll use it for making kraut or coffee, but he was happy either way.

This is currently my favorite picture of us (stolen from Alana for the billionth time).

Our current favorite thing to do is eat food at the table in our dining room (because we have crazy things like that now) and go to the library.

And this weekend we'll (probably) see The Science of Sleep play on Friday night and (definitely) go to Dallas's 8th birthday party on Saturday.


We started off this special day of celebration by oversleeping and contemplating skipping work. Ha! I made it to work mostly on time, but Cody had to call ahead. I'm not wearing make up, but I feel lovely. There's some ground beef thawing in the fridge because Cody's got some kind of casserole planned because he's been in a casserole mood for the past few weeks.

Today, I have been married to this man for 3 years.

And I know the tone of this is a little flat and un-romantic.

But I'm a little tired, a little sinus-y, and a little smug.

We made it to 3 years!

And I'm content. I'm relieved. I'm happy.

The things that make our marriage wonderful are more than just how we celebrate our anniversaries. Thank God. (No, really. Thank Him. I have already thanked Him several times today that I have discovered no fleas).

The day-to-day things we do for each other, and with each other, and because of each other, are what make it lovely. We talk. We laugh. We make food. We have adventures. We have fun. Our lives are better because we get to see each other every day. And that's what we celebrate. And that's why I'm happy.

So. That's why I like being married.

And because 09.09.09 is just a really cool day to get to celebrate something.

Happy anniversary.

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