Monday, August 24, 2009

These are the only pictures I took in July

Sad story: I didn't take many pictures in July.

I may have taken more, but I got several pictures of just blurs across black backgrounds.

But I probably didn't take many pictures in July.

As much as I like to complain about disliking our new place, I'm going to try to stay there for as long as possible.

Moving is terrible.

But the bright spot in my month was on July 4, when Cody and I went up to Oklahoma to see the Miami family.

Unfortunately, I apparently used the manual focus.

And I apparently needed to update my glasses.

Lesson learned.



Here we are at Carl and Shirley's for Mamaw's birthday!
Her great-granddaughters made the cake.
German chocolate.
It was delicious.

Here's Carl

and here's Shirley.
I love Carl and Shirley.
You can't help but love descendants of Mamaw and E.A.
We stayed at their house for a good long while and ate ice cream and visited while Mamaw and E.A. took naps back at their house.
After a while, we went over to visit.

And then, out of nowhere, someone knocks on the door and Mamaw goes to answer it and I hear a familiar voice asking, "Do you have some of my babies here?!"
Hi, Mom and Dad!
They were also visiting Miami family.
Dad was letting Mozart stretch his legs in the back yard.
Mamaw and E.A. were enthralled.
Sometimes E.A. uses oxygen.
He's either watching television, or we're still having our conversation about the merits of owning small dogs.
And big ones.

Oh Mamaw, I love you.
I also love your shirts.

I also love your house.
This is the superawesome light in their entryway.

This is the bed in the guest bedroom, where I always slept when I'd visit.
Mamaw made the quilt for Terri.
Sara saw this picture last night, and wanted the quilt.
Me too!
I recognized a lot of the fabric in it.
I spied some doll outfit remnants.

It kills me that this is blurry.
Shirley did those two paintings (sketches?), and this is the wall opposite the bed.
I love waking up and seeing this wall with sunlight all over the place.

Here's how I always remember it:
There's a box fan on, and a train whistle in the distance, and birds singing somewhere in the backyard.
And Mamaw is waking me up so we can go do things like eat at the donut shop or volunteer at the hospital or go to the library or learn how to work her sewing machine.

I love visiting Mamaw.
I need her house in Heaven to be a lot like this.

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