Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Sara's birthday post

Sara turns a whopping 23 today!

We celebrated her birthday this weekend with cornshucking, card games, ice cream cake, and then by dressing up and being the classiest people at the Rose Bud Rambler BP station/restaurant and winding down the evening with some awkward photos in the parking lot.

It was a blast!

Here's a picture of the ice cream cake Laine bought her, along with the cupcakes that Cody made and I decorated.

Photo by Laine.

I was going through some pictures from this year and realized that Sara's had a really nice year where cake is involved. She's had a really nice year in general (this is her in October, dressing up Mom's dog. Looks like fun, right?).

But it's been an especially good year for Sara and cake.

She made a cake for then-boyfriend Chad on his birthday. We had a winter solstice-themed party, but she had problems with the tube of icing so she didn't write that on his cake.

He loved it so much, he proposed to her on Christmas Eve.

He may have just wanted to marry her already, but for the purposes of my blog, we'll pretend it was the cake that did it.

Then people threw her showers!

This was the best shower for cake:

How cool is that!? These little things tasted like sugared-coated joy.

It's okay. She stays active.

And then she got married!

Not to Erin, but I like to include the picture because it looks so much like this one.

Easter weekend, 2008.
They're in a bowling alley.

They usually have fun.

It's been filled with adventure.

She added another member to our family.

We love adding new people to the family, and we love Chad.

And we loved her wedding cake:

Remind me to tell you a funny story about the cake some time.

She even got Chad to take a decent picture!

It's an accomplishment, really.

And she moved to a nice little place in the country with a porch big enough to hold everyone, became an aunt to three cuties through Chad, ended her birthday feud with Cody, received several lovely gift cards, celebrated her wedding on at least three separate weekends, enjoyed a stomach virus on her honeymoon, changed her hair up a few times, attended three or four showers in her honor, and enrolled in some more college classes.

She's had a big year.

I bet the next one is even better.

Happy birthday! I hope you're having a great day.

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