Tuesday, August 18, 2009


Let's talk about family, shall we?

In-laws are weird. Your sibling just brings someone home and says "I'm going to make this person be our family. You'll like him/her. Really."

And then you just say "okay" and either like the person or don't.
The above picture is Robert (Laine) with Chad (Sara) and Cody (me!) on Sara and Chad's wedding day.

I've been blessed to have some great brothers-in-law (I have 4.....I've amassed quite the collection), and today we're going to talk about Robert.

This is Robert at Christmas. We bought him a book about babies because his brother was going to have one soon. Robert likes babies, and learning, and I think this picture is only somewhat staged.

This picture, however, is completely staged. I was staying with Laine and Robert when Laine and I went to Memphis in May last year. He's wearing Laine's shorts.

He even rolled the waistband.

Robert tends to take amazing pictures.

This is probably the first picture I saw of Robert. Laine showed it to me before they started dating. They're supposedly just friends here.

Whatever, he's clearly all about my sister. I showed this picture to our Mamaw after they started dating.

She silently peered at it for a long time and finally said, "Hmmm. Laine's special friend looks.....foreign."

He's from Tennessee.

Robert can look really intense sometimes and I can't always tell if he's posing or not. Like right here, he looks like he's plotting something against Grandmother.

And right here, where he appears to hate this pregnant woman from our church. She's actually known him since he was born, and they were having a pretty congenial conversation.

Or maybe he's trying to blow her up with his eyes.

Okay fine, he and Cody may have been less than thrilled about being our dates to the Searcy homeschoolers' production of Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat. Cody and Robert take solace in the fact that they are the only people who want to sleep through our family activities. Jerks.

And here's a creepy picture Laine took of Robert on their anniversary date at the zoo. He's too tall for the panda ride.

He's actually kind of huge.

You can't tell in this picture, but my feet aren't touching the ground.

And here we are doing awkward prom poses.

I would like to point out that his forearm is as big around as my bicep. I like to stand really close to him. It's like hanging out with a giant.

I like Robert because we both like being awkward.

We're so good at it!

This is Robert's face after he created the awkward moment at Sara's birthday dinner last year.

As I was going through pictures of Robert on facebook (and blatantly stealing them), I realized there weren't a lot of Levi and Robert. Probably because Levi isn't going to let Robert put his head on his shoulder like this.

Actually, I'm surprised Sara did. She's not one for touching.

This is Robert being genuinely awkward with a friend's baby. I'm not even going to include pictures of him with his own nephew because his nephew looks worried and Robert looks like the kind of creep who would eat a baby.

So I thought I would shield you from that upsetting spectacle.

Less upsetting (by comparison): this comparison.

This is Robert and Landon in Summer 2006.

And in Summer 2007.

At Robert's wedding....to my sister.....who is a girl.

Since there aren't a lot of pictures of my wedding floating around the Internet, I thought I'd mock the groom's cake. It's Triple H.

This treasure is actually on the photographer's business card. Seriously. I carry it in my wallet at all times.

This is Robert on Halloween one year. The one with the grocery sack full of candy.

He's a pretty special guy. He was really excited about Sara and Chad's cookout the night before their wedding.

Or something.

And let's not get started on this. It's another story for another time (because I thought I had this particular story saved to a thumb drive and I apparently don't) and it involves Robert.

And it's awkward.

I'm sure by now you're not surprised.

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