Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Psh, I'll let the Duggars down if I want!

It's Wednesday and I'm wearing pants.

I feel so terrible!

It's Duggar Day, a day I've been observing since January or February and today I just crawled out of bed, rushed through the shower, and threw on some brown pants.

I knew today was Wednesday, but I couldn't figure out why that felt meaningful until I saw a woman in a skirt when I was on my way to work.

I feel like a terrible, non-fun-loving person.

What kind of aberration doesn't love dresses in August?!

Then again, I'm usually an awful person.

Last night, I had the chance to develop some film and didn't because I don't like lightning or driving in the rain or turning left.

Now you're not getting to see any of my new pictures.

Some of these new pictures are almost 2 months old.

I'm just hanging on to these potentially awesome treasures while you're stuck reading my short sentences.

I lazily sat less than half a mile from Walgreens and read my book.

The reason for my proximity to a Walgreens?

Cody was donating blood at a Red Cross center near the Walgreens.

He didn't complain when the guy missed the vein and said "Let's try to move this [the needle] around a little bit."

He saved three lives.

He's been donating blood on a regular basis for years.

Meanwhile, I sat and read a book and texted Laine about making fun of a woman with rhinestones in her crocs.

The woman was also there to donate blood.

Don't judge.

I have low iron.

And I feel awful for days after giving blood.

And I don't meet the weight requirement.

I know you're judging me.

I don't care.

I'm a terrible person, so fine.

This is a picture my friend, Jessi, took recently. I'm acting up in a Cracker Barrel.

We were posing with stuffed animals (and blocking a little boy from the toy section--unforgivable!) and I'm making my toy snake attack Jeff's baby seal.

I pretend to kill baby animals in family dining establishments.

Endangered baby animals.

And I've repeatedly told Jeff I don't think those frames are flattering to the shape of his face.

That's right.

Don't let the pigtails fool you--I am not to be crossed.

I'll do better next week.


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