Thursday, August 13, 2009

Lots of stuff

In the past seven days I have:
  • discovered where Cajun's Wharf is located in regards to its nearness to the interstate
  • became murderously angry at Cody for his odd directions and constant desire to take the most backwards and time-consuming route to anywhere
  • seen the GI Joe movie with twins. It burns....
  • made a friend scream with excitement over her birthday gift of dictionaries. Yes, dictionaries. Plural
  • seen a lot of my family
  • posed for photos in a Viking helmet
  • gone to a funeral
  • canned some pears
  • made and canned some mixed berry jam
  • discovered a leaky trap under the kitchen sink
  • replaced a leaky trap under the kitchen sink
  • discovered the real problem with the pipes under the sink (garbage disposal displaces all of the pipes and prevents them from properly connecting to the waste pipe in the wall, i.e., pushes everything an inch and a half lower than it should be)
  • bought a hack saw
  • cried when I realized I could not fix the problem with just a hack saw
  • felt incredibly happy when Cody texted me to say I was "right on the money about the disposal" and that the plumber had to specially cut some parts to make everything work because that meant I was totally right in my assessment of the drains and that I would have been able to fix it had the landlord not foolishly installed a garbage disposal--himself--in such an old house.
  • laughed at the phrase "right on the money"
  • fondly remembered the time Cody tried and failed to parallel park at least 5 times before giving up, turning off the car, and telling me that if a police officer or someone else came by to complain about the car while he was inside the store, then I should kill that person. He later told the story to a friend and shook his head and said, "That parking was a sight to see"
  • tried to persuade Dallas to show a pen of broilers at the state fair when he's old enough
  • been shot down by a seven-year-old
  • discovered that my brakes can make some scary noises
  • tearfully reconsidered all of my priorities about our jobs, where we live, what we're going to do with our lives for the next few years, how we're going to act in this marriage, and blown my nose into a cloth napkin--all because of the kitchen sink drain
  • learned that it really bothers me when I can't fix things
  • eaten a lot of frozen pizza
  • realized I have a lot of pictures and stories at my disposal to do a post about how awkward and strange my brother-in-law, Robert, is
  • made an appointment with a mechanic for the car
  • checked under the sink nearly as many times as Cody after washing the dishes and draining the water
  • not gone to the laundromat. It's high time.

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