Monday, August 24, 2009

August 7: Jessi's birthday party

So: a few Fridays ago, a bunch of us got together for Jessi's birthday. We had a superlovely dinner at Carino's and then headed back to the boy house. Sarah and Robert attended the dinner, but not the after-party (it wasn't really an after-party, but I want to call it that) because they had to get back to their baby. When that kid is big enough to eat cake, we're going to party with him like there's no tomorrow.

Anyway, after we made Jessi drive around for a while so that Brook could hang a banner and get the bubble machine going for a grand entrance (Jeff owns two), the after-party (humor me) began.

Jeff is interviewing Jessi with his favorite questions from Inside the Actors' Studio.
I would also like to point out all the original artwork on the mantle.

While Jessi answered personal questions about her dreams and goals and gave our stomachs a chance to settle, I iced and decorated this cake.
Jessi got to pick the color of icing.
And then, of course, we had to take some photos.
The boys just had these party hats laying around.
I don't know if you knew, but Cody hates me.
Or his life.
Or Bert and Ernie.
I hope not. I love Bert and Ernie.
They're my favorite Sesame Street characters.

Even though Jessi received some amazing presents (we got her not one, but two dictionaries! I know you're kicking yourself for not having thought of that. Bummer.), Brad won.
It wasn't a contest, but he won.
Yes, she's wearing a horned Viking helmet.
The Guitar Hero controller just seemed like the thing to do.
Well played, sir.

I don't know what to say about this picture.
It makes me feel funny inside.
So we'll skip it.
(Jarrett shouldn't be a Viking. I don't like it.)

And here's the cake!

I think I forgot to have a piece.
It was a great birthday party.

I love birthday parties!

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