Monday, August 24, 2009

August 1: Sara's birthday party

This is the Saturday before Sara's birthday.

We went out to Romance and had a nice day with our parents and Chad's parents.

For whatever reason, I have no pictures of all the corn that was shucked, boiled, blanched, and ladled into freezer bags.


Here is Sara's birthday spread.

This is a lovely photo.
Cody and I made cupcakes and Laine bought an ice cream cake.
The paper around the edging was edible.
We all poked it.
That's Sara's finger in the corner.

She really did like the cake.
And it was delicious.

This family loves card games.
They played several round of Skip-Bo.

Well, this didn't turn out.
Chad's mom trounced everyone.

We eventually got dressed up and went to the Rambler.
Three generations of loveliness.

Dad, we need to try again.
If there has ever been a day when I was more not-cute, I need you to not tell me about it.

After dinner, we loitered in the parking lot and took pictures.
Newlywed birthday!

Um, then Robert stepped in a puddle and we all had to look at it.
I think Laine's just reviewing the pictures on her camera.
Or she took a picture.
I think Cody took this.
We look awkward and I don't know why he didn't zoom in closer.
Oh well.
I would like to point out that Sara, like Levi,
does not actually touch the people she hugs in pictures.
Look behind me.

I can't decide if this is cute, or horrific.

Cody always acts like it's no big deal to pick me.

This is a fantastic picture.

They're dancing.
Feud over.

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