Friday, July 31, 2009

Some birthdays are more important than others

So. We're celebrating Sara's birthday this weekend.

From what I understand, it's going to be a pretty festive affair. It's her first married birthday, and it's coinciding with a visit from her Iowan in-laws. They're bringing sweet corn!

Then again, Sara's birthdays are always a big deal.

For as nearly as far back as I can remember, her favorite threat to someone was a banishment from her birthday party. She demanded extra turns in the front seat the week before and the week after her birthday. She did the same thing for listening to a CD, a television show, and meals. Seriously, this has been going on for as long as she's been able to talk.

And just why did we let her pick things and get her way for all of those years?

Because it was her birthday. It was the only explanation (trans.: demand) she made and we accepted.

Also, she's terrifying forceful.


Last year, Cody was unable to attend her birthday celebration. The plan had been to visit Laine and Robert and enjoy some shopping and eat at the restaurant of Sara's choosing (of course) as a family. Levi had an excused absence because he lives in North Carolina, and because he was planning to drive in a week later for our parents' anniversary.

The weekend plans for the birthday unfortunately interferred with Cody's mom's plans to help Casey move home from Missouri....10 hours away. Cody explained this plan to Sara in advance and felt that he had a good reason for missing that particular birthday.

Mrs. Dicy felt it was a good reason.

Casey definitely felt it was a good reason.

I felt it was a good reason and vaguely wondered if I should be swinging by the house to see if Spencer was doing drugs while his mom was away, but forgot about it since I would, attending Sara's birthday.

What? I couldn't miss her birthday!

Sara, however, did not feel that this reason was acceptable.

She was appalled. She was furious. She was loud.

Cody didn't think he had any other recourse:

"What am I supposed to do? Is he just supposed to take a bus?!" he asked.

Sara did not seem to think this was a rhetorical question and said, yes, that would work.

Cody didn't see why missing one birthday party for a sister-in-law to help his twin brother move home was such a big deal.

It was this fact that made us, as a family, cringe the most of all. It's one thing to miss her birthday. It's another to act like you have a good reason to do so.

So it came as no surprise to us when Sara declared that Cody would not be invited to the next year's birthday party.

Well, Cody was surprised. Bless his heart.

And so the feud began. They argued about his priorities at every opporunity. When we celebrated my parents' thirtieth wedding anniversary a week later, she asked him how he enjoyed his weekend missing her birthday. He said he enjoyed it fine.

Oh goodness.

They trashtalked about parties.

Parties, for Pete's sake!

Thanksgiving. Christmas. Cody's birthday (which she boycotted). And so on and so on. So I decided quite a while ago that I'd just bring Cody to her birthday as my guest.

She never said I couldn't.

Since she's still basking in the glow of those last few wedding presents trickling in, she even told me I didn't have to buy her a birthday present!

Mrs. Dicy pointed out that Cody probably should anyway. She's a smart woman.

So Cody's already bought his present. We're all set.

Wish us luck.


I should mention, though, that Robert opened his home to us and participated in all of the birthday activities like a brother-in-law champion.


We went to a restaurant. Some Italian one that Sara picked out where you pay too much for the food to taste so generic.

Robert noticed the waiters singing to people with birthdays, so he thought it would be cute to violate family tradition and inform our waiter that 'someone' was celebrating a birthday.

Oh Robert.

So our waiter brought Sara a free dessert and serenaded her.

In Italian.

In a fake opera voice.

Because of Robert, she was being sung to, in a fake opera voice, in a language she didn't understand, in front of a bunch of people.

That song took a loooong time.

Robert asked for forgiveness.

He received it.


Maybe this year will be better.

We're definitely not inviting this guy.

It will definitely be better.

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Mom2Four said...

Oh, Sara. You gotta love her. And her interesting ways. They are very entertaining, and surprising! I am sure that we will enjoy this one as much as we have the last 22 because she is truly one of a kind.