Monday, July 6, 2009

Pictures of Iowan stereotypes, III

These pictures are from my camera and I just now had the chance to develop some of my film.

What's in Iowa?

Sinclair gas stations. They're everywhere.
I love that little brontosaurus.

Here's some more tractor pictures!
By the time I pulled my camera out, Sara was taking a turn at steering.

Chad does not seem as thrilled as Sara.
But that's usually the case.

Especially when picture-taking is involved.
This would be the perfect Sara-and-Chad picture, except his eyes are closed.
Actually, that probably makes it the perfect Sara-and-Chad picture.

It moved a little after she jumped off.
It was still running.

Iowa also has lots of corn fields.

Here's the corn up closer.


And dirt roads.

This concludes the Pictures of Iowan Stereotypes Series.

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