Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Out-of-context stuff

Levi dispenses helpful car knowledge
Levi: Tell Spencer that if his band wants a windowless sex offender van I know where they can get one for cheap.

There is no reason why this won't work
Brad: Just delete 'heretofore' and write in 'give five million dollars to Brad Anders' some time.

She was not paying attention to the conversation
Sara: Your name is Cody Lee Roy?!

He had his hands raised as if giving benediction
Jen: It's 9:30!
Sara: Why is it still so bright here?
Chad: The shines on Iowa.

Robert loves children and children love Robert
Nathan: Mom! Look at this old battery we found!
Robert: Does it still work?!
Stacey: I don't think you need that.
Nathan [to Robert]: I don't know.
Robert: You should lick it and see! Are there more back there?
Nathan: I don't know!
Robert: Let's go check!

Cody is not detail-oriented
Jen: Hey. I like your glasses. Cody, look at his glasses. Don't get a pair that look just like this.
Cody: You got glasses?!
Casey: Yeah. I was wearing them this afternoon when you were over.
Cody: Really?
Casey: Yeah, I'm sure.
Cody: Guess I didn't notice.

Cody is a very thorough tour guide
Cody: This is the hallway. This is the kitchen. There's the stove. There's the water heater. That's Jen. Down here is the bathroom...

It's a compliment.....or something
Sara: Oh Jen, that dress looks much cuter than the picture you sent me.
Mom: Sweetie, do you want your dad to tie your sash? It might help your sack dress look a little more 'together.'

They're transition lenses

Cody: I got my new glasses.
Mrs. Dicy: I like them. They look kind of like your old ones. Are they tinted?
[He was standing next to a window.]

No, she could not

Laine: I think I can wear this.

They're transition lenses, Part II
Jeff: I like your new glasses.
Cody: Thanks.
Jeff: I want to see you wearing them outside! Do they change really fast?
Jessi: What are we talking about?
Jen: They're transition lenses.
Jessi: And?
Cody: They get darker in sunlight.
Jeff: They change!
Jessi: Are we in the future?!

I cannot overstate the obvious enough
Jen: I felt fine until I got sick.

The cause for Starbucks Scuffle '08
Sara [hands Jen a cookie with a witch on it]: Look, it's a picture of you.

I called him back
Levi: I didn't think it looked very good.
Jen: I don't know. The first part of the preview looked kind of fun but then.....did you see the big long preview. [To Cody]: Hey, what was the last dumb action movie we went and saw with your brothers?
Cody: What?
Levi: Star Trek
Jen: You're right, that was it. That wasn't dumb. I was thinking of The Day the Earth Stood Still.
Cody: That wasn't an action movie.
Jen: Parts of the world disintegrated and they were attacked by aliens!
Levi: I wasn't arguing.
Jen: Sorry. Cody was talking. Did you notice there was a Wayans brother in it?
Levi: What? Why? I'm definitely not watching that.
Jen: I have to go. We're making pickles.

This is completely normal
Jen: Sometimes I ask Cody if he'll still love you if you do stuff. Like, if you committed treason or if you were involved in a hit-and-run.
Casey: I would stay at the scene.
Cody: Then it's not a hit-and-run.
Casey: Exactly.
Jen: He usually says he would still love you, but a while ago I asked him, "If Spencer went to college and fell in with a bad crowd and became a hipster, would you still love him?" and he said "No."
Spencer: That's your definition of a bad crowd?
Jen: Yes. And, you know, I don't think I would love you anymore either.
Spencer: You shouldn't. Those kids lie right and left.
Jen: And I don't think they love their moms.
Casey: Wait, wait...
Spencer: No, they don't.

It can be difficult to find the right caption for your picture
Jessi: Do you think it's okay? Because I thought it was funny, but then I thought, "Now it just looks like I'm making fun of how infertile they are."

I'm really good at this game
Terri: Mamaw's really sharp, but I've noticed that sometimes she forgets certain words. But I do that, too. The other day, we were talking on the phone about something while she was reading the paper and she said "What's like another word for "school"...?" and I said "College?" and she "It's like that and you've got a town or a community.......let me call you back" and I said "How about you finish your newspaper and call me then."
Jen [excitedly]: Was the word "vo-tech"?
Terri: Yes! Yes, it was!

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