Wednesday, July 8, 2009

I shall require curtains for my garage's windows

Sorry about the picture quality.

In my last post, I mentioned a few times that EA used to do quite a bit of woodworking. For the purposes of my own nostalgia, I thought I'd talk more about it.

First off: Mamaw and EA have the best-smelling garage in the world. It's a nice mixture of the gas from the tank used for the lawn mover, the grass on the lawn mower, the dryer sheets from their dryer, cleanliness, old clothes, and wood. Lots of wood. Some sawdust. Some power tools. Some half-finished projects. And some more wood.

I absolutely love the smell of wood and sawdust and this why I sometimes enjoying browsing Home Depot without actually looking at anything and breathing as deeply as I possibly can through my nose.


EA can take beautiful-smelling wood and turn it into anything. Really.

We have Christmas decorations and door hangings and all kinds of decorations that EA made and Mamaw painted. (PS: Mamaw has a craft room. When I grow up I want a garage and a craft room just like theirs. I don't know if I've mentioned it to Cody or not, but my dream house looks almost identical to their house.) He can make anything.


A miniature wagon.

A clock.


A violin. And a miniature violion.

He made the violin because he thought it would be neat to learn to make one, and Mamaw thought it would be neat to learn to play.

And that's where this comes in:

Yes, it's a spinning wheel. A fully functioning, not-that-old spinning wheel.

EA made that.

Mamaw thought it would be fun to learn to spin wool into yarn, so EA made her a spinning wheel.

It works.

I've seen her use it.

They found some old carding paddles. I have no idea where they found wool.

I don't know if she ever spun enough wool into yarn for a project (spinning wool into yarn is a big deal), but I was grandparented by a man who knows how to make spinning wheels and a woman who knows how to use them.

Yes, of course I'm bragging! You would too if you had such heroes to worship.

One last thing:

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