Monday, July 13, 2009

Food, changes, unpainting

Hey there!

So. We've been a one-car family for about a month now. For the most part, it's worked out fairly well. I usually have the car unless Cody has errands to run in the middle of the day because I get off work earlier than he does. So far, so good. Obviously this hasn't been going on very long, but I'm still happy that this hasn't presented any groundbreaking problems.

Cody has decided that he doesn't want to bother with painting some of the cabinets and walls and other hideous areas of the rent house before we move. He wants to move this weekend and then we'll paint at some later date when we don't have so much going on. On one hand, I see his logic. We're busy. Anyone who could help us sand and scrape and paint is also busy. Time is running out on the lease on our current apartment. So we'll just move in and fix things up as we can. We're both seriously considering taking a week off in September to just have a vacation, and that might be a good time to take care of nearly everything.

On the other hand, if this process is as horrific and frustrating as I fear then he'll never, ever, ever make this mistake again and I can throw the ordeal back in his face for the remainder of our marriage.

Yes, I know this is going to be more stressful (probably) for me as well. But I don't deal too well with home improvement projects or moving or any kind of major change, so this should be fine.


Can you imagine my smirk right now? I'm pretty sure you can.

In other news, I am getting an office. More accurately, someone is moving out of an office and I am moving into that. I actually occupied it for a little while last year while no one else was using it. But now it's mine. That is something I'm looking forward to, and should happen this week.

I'm not as excited about moving as I thought I would be. From the looks of things, I'm not as excited about moving as other people thought I'd be. I'm going to miss the dishwasher. And the big closet. And the patio. And the storage space.

But I won't miss the building management, the inept repairmen, the carpet, or the popcorned ceiling. Or the rent. Or the road noises. Or the Christmas traffic.

So. We're moving this weekend. We'll be packing and cleaning and moving a few things throughout the week. We're moving.


New topic: Cody made zucchini bread for the first time ever yesterday. It's fantastic. He also made gingerbread, 3 jars of spaghetti sauce, and 4 jars of pickles. I helped, but not a lot. And he made some more rhubarb strawberry pie last week, so I'm having some of that for breakfast.

And last month, he made this:

That's a pork chop with homemade cream of mushroom and blue potatoes with butter and salt.

Oh, Cody.

Poor planner/house-fixer. Good cook.


Erin said...

A live-in remodel has its pros and cons. At first I didnt want to move until everything is done because I swore if we did we'd never get stuff done. Sure, it took us a while to get to stuff, but its also so nice to be living where you are working. When you get done or need a break from painting you can plop down on YOUR couch and take a break, or you can work late and night and not have to worry about driving home tired. That said...we've lived in our house since January and I just finished painting the dining room this weekend...

Jen said...

Yeah, your fb pictures have been encouraging AND intimidating. I'm hoping we'll make swifter progress because there's less to be done on our little place and we have no baby or animal 'helpers'. That being said, Cody can't paint. Ha! It's just going to be an adventure, that's all.