Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Book sale finds

Cody and I went to the library basement sale on Sunday afternoon.

I'm convinced I was either still enjoying some NyQuil or extremely exhausted, because I don't remember picking up some of the books I bought.

That's kind of pleasant. I like book surprises.

I hadn't shopped at the book sale on a Sunday in a while, so I'd forgotten how picked over the selection could be. This was kind of nice. Because there were fewer books that I wanted to buy, I felt okay about spending money on the books that ordinarily I'd look at and say, "Oh, that looks interesting." and place back on the shelf. But this time, I took them home.

We spent $6.50.

Thomas Hoving. King of the Confessors.
This has something to do with some cross that was found at a dig.....and Jesus......and the world of art collectors. This one is Cody's.

Malcolm I. Thomas. The Luddites: Machine-Breaking in Regency England.
I just think this is interesting.

Stanley Reed. Oriental Rugs and Carpets.
Cody really likes Oriental rugs. I'm not sure why. We don't have that kind of money, or that kind of decorating style (or any decorating style, actually), but he still gets excited about them and wants one someday. I thought he'd enjoy the pictures. Instead, he wants an Oriental rug more than ever now.


John Marley. Handwriting Analysis Made Easy.
I just think it's interesting. And I think people who say "I could fool a handwriting analysis expert because I never write my signature the same way" are gigantic liars with some ridiculous stuff to hide. Maybe now I can expose them. I enjoy how-to books.

Better Homes & Gardens Step-by-Step Household Repairs.
Like I said, I enjoy how-to books. And even if I didn't, I probably would have bought this for the cover. I'll show it to you some time. Priceless.

Blanchard and Zoubeck. Expert Shorthand Speed Course.
Why not? It could come in handy. Also, I bought this for the font on the cover. Cute!

Maybe I could even learn to do handwriting analysis on shorthand notes! Oh man.

Walter Laquer and George L. Mosse, eds. The Left-Wing Intellectuals Between Wars, 1919-1939. Crazy times, that era between 1919 and 1939.

I'm completely serious.

Madeline L'Engle. Dragons in the Waters.
She's the best. Plus, this novel has Polly and she was a character in one of the other books. Something about a starfish. I liked it. I like all Madeline L'Engle books. Why? Because she's the best.

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