Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Pictures of Iowan stereotypes, II

So. We were in Iowa.....
Iowa looks like this.

And this. You see this? Iowa is filled to the brim with farming implements. Farming implements, cows, corn, and the occasional windmill.

Cody was just being generally enthralled with visiting a new place.

He's probably thinking something along the lines of "Oh my gosh, this is only the third feedlot I've ever seen. This is so exciting! Iowa is exotic. I want to hear some more people talk."

Or he's trying to figure out what that smell is.

Sometimes I feel bad for Cody and all of the country learning experiences he's had since we started dating.

But then it passes.

And then Chad's dad fed some cows. So his grandkids had to help.

You've got to start them young.

Jordan is two. He seems to love feeding cows.

He thought they needed something more....

So he began pulling up grass and throwing it in the trough with the feed.

Payton began doing the same. Payton is also two, and was once licked by a cow. This was pretty traumatic, so she would throw her grass in the trough and make a quick run to safety.

Tammy, Payton's mom, helped them pull up grass to throw all down the length of the trough until they were satisfied that they'd taken care of the cows properly.

I also want to you to look to the left.

Jordan is okay with cow tongues.

This lot of grass-fed beef is made possible with the help of hardworking toddlers.

You've got to start them young.

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