Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Oh dear

Cody and the Saturn were in an accident yesterday.

Cody's okay. His arm is a little burnt from the air bag and he's sore.

The Saturn is probably out of commission.

Cody's not making any decisions until he gets an estimate from a mechanic, which should happen today. Bless him.

Y'all, the Saturn is probably gone. We watched as they attempted to get it off the tow truck and it was "heartbreaking." Cody's words.

It was his dad's car, and he and Casey learned to drive in it. He drove it through college. We drove away from our wedding in that car. At the time I took the picture up there, it was our only car and the back tire had a slow leak. Cody was getting some air before we made the drive down to Stamps to visit his Memaw.

I have a few hundred memories of the Saturn.

Yes, we call it the Saturn. It should probably have a capital T.

As not-thrilled as I am about our sudden move to the Single Car Family category (which we've discussed before. We could make it work, but we'd like to make it work in a couple of months) and the possibility of higher insurance rates (or losing them. Yes, of course Cody was at fault. And I'll go ahead and say: he was turning left.), I'm mostly upset for Cody and the loss of his beloved car.

I know Cody's not a 'car guy' in the traditional sense of the term. He doesn't worry about horse power, the fact that the back seats will fold down if he slams his brakes too hard, the peeling paint on the hood (about half of it is bare metal), and he doesn't care if the front passenger door will never open again even if he gets the car fixed.

He's just attached to the car.

I just thought you should know.

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