Tuesday, June 23, 2009

My dad is a father

I forgot to write a Father's Day post!

It only seems fair that I would since I wrote this for Mom last month.

So.....what can I say about my dad?

Firstly, I should probably mention that he, along with Mom and Grandmother, came over on his special Father's Day morning to help Cody and I clean and repair and fix up the rent house we're moving into next month. He seemed especially excited to be able to bring the tool belt Laine and Robert gave him for Father's Day (we celebrated officially and as a family the weekend of Sara's reception), the tool box Levi gave him for Christmas, and was a little sad that he could (edit: Wait, I mean "couldn't"!!!)bring the saw Sara and Chad gave him for Father's Day (I was a little relieved about the saw).

He also brought a coffee maker and enough cups for everyone. He also warned Cody to go to the store quickly and buy some milk so that I could drink coffee before I exploded with rage.

For whatever reason, I woke up in an unbelievably foul mood on Sunday. This was unfortunate in light of the fact that I was going to work at cleaning away stranger germs (and as it turned out, dust, mold, hair, grease, and general icky residue) in an under-air conditioned building on my Sunday morning. Dad overlooked this and cheerfully caulked half the bathroom (probably more than half) and made recommendations about house-living things.

He also cleaned all of the high places that Mom and Grandmother started, but couldn't reach.

And he razored quite a bit of paint and varnish off of windows.

And unscrewed the wretchedly paint-covered knobs on the cabinet drawers so that Mom and Grandmother could get the paint off. (They also did a lot of other really nice, helpful, and very clean and tidy things, but it's a Father's Day post so I can only talk about Dad.)

And he sweated.

And he drank his coffee.

He always drinks coffee.

And he stepped outside twice to take phone calls from Laine and Levi, who called from a safe distance away to merely wish him a happy day. And then he would come back inside to face me, as I drank my fifth cup of coffee and wished loudly that we had never signed a lease before seeing the hole in the wall and how did he plan to fix it?*

I have often wondered why people stress the importance of staying in touch with your adult children (a term I've never liked). I have no idea why a parent would want to do that.

But I'm glad mine do.

Like I've mentioned before, we've got some other things going on right now and we'll have to wait before we have another fixer-upper weekend. But my lovely parents have already assured us that when the next weekend is available, we will be spending it with some more projects to make the new place a little more pleasantly liveable. With prior approval, of course.


Lest you think Dad was doing all this simply because he's such a nice guy (although he is), we worked on the house from 10 until 2 or 3, and then went back to our apartment. Cody had made dinner of roast and potatoes and strawberry rhubarb pie. Sara and Chad were also present for the festivities and we gave Dad our cards and visited and watched Sara and Cody fight. He was graciously appreciative of the little Father's Day celebration, even though we didn't have sweet tea and I may have accidentally used foul language in front of him.

Abrupt subject change: Here are pictures of Dad!

Here's Dad a couple of months ago.
We went a NASCAR race and had a blast.
This picture was taken by me.

Here is Dad with Laine and Dallas.
He is drinking coffee and wearing a cowboy hat.

Here is Dad with Sara last year.
They can be incredibly cheesy in photos.

Here is Dad with Levi last summer.
They were having a great time at a car show in a parking lot.

Here is Dad at Sara's wedding with Chad's niece.
He is showcasing one of his many talents: bow-tying.
I don't if it was the Boy Scouts, or his ingrained perfectionism, but my dad ties a killer bow.

If you read my stuff fairly often, you've probably already realized that my parents are lovely individuals and great parents. But I like to point it out, anyway.

Happy Father's Day, Dad! You're great.

*I'm sure you're reading this and thinking, "Duh, Jen. They're called landlords. Let them handle this." To which I must reply, "Be quiet. It's my blog and I'll whine if I want." Also, if I have the choice between the landlords' paint job (I'll be ageist and say it: They're 80. Old people are not the best at repairing and painting) and my parents' work, I will go with my parents every time because they are really great painters and incredibly handy and it's totally okay if I start screaming hysterically about some idiot's attempt to use chair rail as crown molding half an inch away from the ceiling in the dining room in front of them.


Laine said...

Typo alert!!!: In the "Firstly" paragraph, you said "could" where I think you should have said "couldn't". I think that's what you were saying.

I love when I get to point theses things out. No offense.

Jen said...

Thanks for pointing that out! It's been a while since I've gotten a comment.

But I am compelled that you said "theses." That is not what you meant.

Laine said...

Dangit! But...you're compelled...what? Shouldn't you be compelled to say, or do, something?

Hm, mm, that's what I thought.

Boom! In your face!

Jen said...

I am now compelled to tell you that I will never again let you know when you have food on your face in public.

Boom! ON your face!

And you still said the plural of "thesis."

Mom2Four said...

BOTH of you need to be NICE!!

I enjoyed the blog, by the way. I imagine that your dad will too. I hope that he reads the comments-they will make him feel 10 years younger.

Laine said...

Eh heh, Mom's comment is funny. Whew, this might be your most commented-on post ever!

Erin said...

I can't be left out of the most commented post ever so..."Hi"!

Jen said...

Hey there!