Thursday, June 18, 2009

It really was a long time ago

My friend, Sarah, went on a wild uploading spree this past weekend and flooded Facebook with over a hundred old pictures of her family and friends.

This little treasure made its way to the Internet.

For the past workweek, I've stopped and looked at this picture in utter disbelief.

We look like babies!*

No wonder some people don't recognize Cody these days. Look at his little face!

Um, look at his hair.

Okay, now look at my face.

Holy smokes, look at my arm.

Oh wait, look at my leg!

This seems like a million years ago, but it was just fall 2006.

I even remember the day. Cody was probably already fired from his warehouse job in Maumelle and was probably already at his warehouse job in Little Rock.

His arms looked amazing when he was working warehouse jobs. That's also why he looks so slender in that picture.

I was sick. And you can't tell, but my hair is in pigtails.

It seemed like a good idea, as did wearing a red scarf with a red t-shirt.

We'd ambled around downtown Conway that afternoon, and I'd visited the glory that was Bella Lana for the very first time.

I was still a receptionist who drove an hour and a half every morning and every night to a job that paid $7/hr because I needed a job and this one gave me a wealth of proofreading experience.

The exhaustion is pretty evident.

I'm not sure if we had our new car yet, but we probably did.

The thought of that car payment weighed heavily on me.

The cost of everything weighed heavily then.

We'd gotten together with some friends to watch a Razorback game in Jason's apartment. We met his puppy, Rosco. Sarah was single when this picture was taken.

Now, Rosco's full grown (but still not very big. He's a Corgi.).

Sarah is married with a baby boy.

Bella Lana closed.

And Cody and I......

We live closer to our work.

We're happily out of our first year of marriage.

We have different and better jobs.

Cody's arms are still nice, though.

He has a beard.

I have glasses.

I've gained 3-5 pounds and it's made all the difference in the world.

I'm smiling in this picture.**

Look at our hair.

Look at that beard.

Things in general are just plain better.

But I keep coming back to this.

We were absolutely adorable.

So. Very. Sweet.

* I was 23 (nearly 24), and Cody was 22.
** Taken by Laine, at Mom's birthday party last December.


Erin said...

Wow. Ya'll look so different and I never even noticed!

You have prompted me to pull out old pics of us...I envision a forthcoming blog...maybe...maybe not...I'm lazy.

Jen said...

Do it please! I knew 'something' was different about us, but the changes were so gradual I never quite knew what the something was. The part that really gets me is Cody's wedding ring! You can tell he hasn't been wearing it long.