Friday, April 17, 2009

At least I included a picture

I know I haven't said much this past week.

I'm sorry about that. I've missed blogging, getting new pictures, being crafty, or crossing off items on an impressive to-do list. It's just been that kind of week.

I've only been through the literary festival's schedule of events with a highlighter once!

It's all pretty shameful.

But, like I said, it's been a big week.

I have:
  • dealt with a leak in the ceiling
  • attempted to pull apart some stuck-together tickets*
  • worked with incredibly frustrating people on incredibly frustrating things
  • decided and I were going to take a break for a while
  • had a family dinner in Pizza Hut for my dad's birthday
  • had the most understated epiphany that I didn't want to go to the Nickelback concert on Sunday because I may not even like them, so I won't**
  • watched a great deal of Arrested Development on DVD
  • woken up on time most of this week
  • seen my sister and her fiance's engagements pictures and loved them
  • had a really unattractive week at the very same time Cody was looking really cute
  • remained oblivious to interoffice upheavals
  • had a fairly in-depth email discussion with a friend about buying a goat (he would buy the goat, not me. I was going to be enlisted to deliver the wormer boluses, though)
  • watched Cody make a dish of his own creation (extensive tweaking to follow)
  • eaten chicken quesadillas
  • taken the lazy way out and cleaned my toilet with bleach in addition to using the plastic bags at Kroger--true story: the world didn't end
  • briefly considered wandering around the tea party at the Capitol before deciding political protests shouldn't be treated like street carnivals, especially since some of the crowd seemed upset for some reason....It was still really exciting-looking
  • snagged some free travel mugs
  • made and mailed a late birthday card
  • had sweets for breakfast nearly every morning this week....except for when I skipped breakfast entirely.
I really do love chicken quesadillas. Ahem.

Next week will be better.

I hope.

I'm going to try. I can tell you that. If I can catch some free time this weekend (doubtful), I'll type up some things that I can copy and paste next week for you.

It's not that we're urgently busy at work right now, but there's always something to do.

Something tedious, time-consuming, and immune to my corrections. At least I can watch the seasons change through my window, and that's always a nice reminder that life is completely passing me by.

Wait, that's the wrong attitude.


This weekend, I will be wearing a cute outfit or two, attending the literary festival, probably buying some books, attending a birthday party, attending a non-Lent church service (woo! Those were depressing. I know that's the point, but wow.), having cute hair, not being around Nickelback/Seether/Saving Abel fans, feeling safe, taking pictures, checking out the farmer's market on the North Little Rock side of the river, and generally being awesome and having adventures and--I hope--seeing you at some point in time.

Sound good? Excited?

That's what I thought. Me too.

*I'll tell you all about it some time. Probably next week. It's a long and stupid and apparently amusing story that makes me look a little ridiculous.
**The two astericked statements will result in the same post. Sigh.

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