Friday, March 13, 2009

Update on the literary festival

I don't have (as many reasons) to panic about my beloved literary festival, even though the website ( is still, in the words of a web programmer friend, "crappy*".....

Ahem, where was I?

Oh yes, it's Friday and I'm struggling valiantly to have a positive attitude. Right!

Very good, okay... They now have a list of authors.

Donald Harrington is not on the list. I'm sorry, Eden! I went to a couple of sessions where he was a speaker, and I liked him, even though I can't quite learn to like his books. I wish he was going to be there, because he's pretty old. I'm not sure how many literary festivals he's got in him.

Kevin Brockmeier, however, is on the list. [Rays of sunshine burst down from the heavens here.]

However, I did learn from this list that he's been teaching in Iowa lately.

This discovery saddens me for unfathomable reasons. I thought he was still living in Little Rock. I feel almost as if my enjoyment of living here was based on a lie, just a little bit. I keep thinking about the time my parents revealed they'd been switching to decaf for two weeks while I was still living at home. I was livid. I thought I'd been dying/depressed the entire time! I asked them if they were trying to kill me, and Mom just laughed. They never did give me an answer....

Anyway, finding out that Kevin Brockmeier hasn't been in the same state as me was a little like that, except I'm not exasperated or tired. I do feel a little empty inside, though.

Alas, there is still no schedule.

I'll have to check again later.

And believe me, I will be checking...

*I cleaned it up for you.

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