Monday, March 16, 2009

People, Places, Things

Friday: We ate dinner.
We watched TV.
I did some more laundry.

Saturday: We woke up, drank coffee, and went to the book sale at the library!
I bought 32 books and 3 records. (Separate post)
We ate at the restaurant.
We went home, showered, and met up with Mom, Laine, and Robert at Hallmark.
We saw Sara and Chad's table at Hallmark. I took a picture.
I gave Laine the most amazing present: a record of Fun With Ernie and Bert. We had a lot of Bert and Ernie things when we were little, and we always thought they were brothers.
We met up with Sara and Chad and Chad's parents! Sweet people.
I gave Sara the other most amazing present: a book entitled How to Love Yankees with a Clear Conscience!
We saw Dallas in the chorus of Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dream Coat and took lots of pictures.
He did a spectacular job, and we had fun visiting with people.
Added bonus: looking over at Mom every now and then and watching her sing every word to every song.
We met up with Dad and had some coffee. We also had a nice visit with Joanna's pregnant belly.

Sunday: We went to church.
We sat near the Lewises!
We went to the house.
We had pizza with Chad and his parents.
Lots of visiting, eating, and cleaning our old room.
We went home in the evening, did a few getting-ready-for-the-week things, like moving around huge piles of books so that we can walk in the living room, and went to bed at a reasonable hour.

I know this all looks pretty boring, but it was an incredibly full and exciting weekend so I'm just throwing things out in list format.

Other highlights:
Cody's brothers
Dallas's new retainer
Waking up Robert
Hearing stories about Chad
An argument about whether we'd ever gone to our creek with some friends and left Levi there by himself as a joke. Laine and I swear this never happened, and Mom and Dad don't remember anything about it. But Sara is adamant that it happened, and that Levi was led back to the house by our dog, Red. Levi backed her up via text message. I think they're just trying to get us in trouble a decade or so after the fact
Mom making me sound like a creepy savant toddler
Laine sweating with anxiety over cleaning our old room
Family gossip. For both our families. In a span of mere hours
Trying to figure out who sings 'that song'
Chad's parents' accents
My parents
Cody's mom and about half of his family at one table
Seeing old co-workers and various homeschool moms
Coming home to my apartment
Cody in a dress shirt and tie
Meeting Robert's laptop
Watching Nathan sit patiently through a sermon on Christ, the good shepherd and then taking his grandmother's cane, saying, "I'm a shepherd," and then smiling quietly at his own hilarious joke.

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