Monday, March 23, 2009


Good afternoon! The sun is shining, my decongestants are working, and I'm enjoying a very late lunch of minestrone lovingly prepared by my spectacular husband. How are you?

My weekend was pretty unproductive. The only halfway noteworthy things I crossed off my list were "take by recycling", "go to church", "fold and put away clothes." Other than that, I took medicine in a desperate attempt to ease my hellish congestion, napped, went to the restaurant, spent a nice Sunday afternoon with my parents, and talked to Levi on the phone. For some reason, Levi and I tend to have a lot of conversations about Ted Nugent and assault weapons.

So it was a good weekend, but not particularly productive. This bothers me, but Cody says it's fine.

I do feel more rested, and ready to accomplish household things once I go home.

For now, I'm just enjoying my late lunch break during a productive work day. We're not busy or hectic, but everything's going at a nice pace.

I've learned that the elevators in our building will be closed in a few weeks, and will remain closed for quite a while.

As a result, I am either going to develop a rock-hard rear or have an asthma attack while climbing the stairs to the office. Very exciting.

Also exciting: Cody is turning 25 this Friday. S

o is Casey. Twins are like that.

It's hard to make a lot of aging jokes since they've been gray since forever (before I met Cody anyway), or even to see how they're aging (since they've had to shave daily since forever....or ninth grade, which was a long time ago), but I've noticed lately that Cody's getting these crinkles around his eyes when he smiles and laughs.

Laugh lines have never looked so gorgeous.

I haven't noticed this on Casey, but I don't usually get up close to his face because that's a little inappropriate.

In other uncomfortable news about upcoming events, my friend Jeff and his band are playing at Lucky's on Saturday. I will ignore my fear and intense dislike of watching people I know sing and attend this show. Yay?

In an attempt to ride out March Madness, Cody and I have rented Season 2 of The O.C. and will be watching old episodes of that until some real TV comes back on. We still have to nod uncomprehendingly whenever people talk about brackets, though.

There is still no schedule for the literary festival.

As bad as my head and face feel, I love spring.

I've been taking pictures of spring things during the week.

And just for fun, here's an altered version of a picture I took a few weekends ago.

Dark blue = already given away as gifts
Aqua = has been set aside to be given away as gifts
Red = Cody is reading it
Purple = I am reading it
Yellow = I have read it

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