Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Arts and crafts + decluttering

This is probably one of the coolest things I've seen in a while.

On a similar note, I reorganized quite a bit of the closet last night.

The project didn't take nearly as long as I thought it would. The two main things making me feel like I was going to be smothered in there were
1. Some things were piled up behind the door so that I couldn't open it all the way.
2. Some bags were precariously sitting on one of the shelves and I was afraid they were going to fall on me every time I tried to hang up Cody's shirts.

So I moved the stuff behind the door.

I put more boxes of the Christmas things on the upper shelves and put the bags on the floor.

I moved the vacuum cleaner.

I filled a shopping bag full of trash.

I took some 200 or so small granny squares out of a box and piled them into a container, dragged the container in the living room, and waited for the project to start.

If we do any container gardening, I'm going to need that container.

So I've decided to start stitching the squares together. I think I'll have strips of 10, maybe 12.

They may be longer than that. I don't know.

No pattern, no intended recipient, no nothing.

I'm just going to sew together a bunch of granny squares and clear up some clutter and have a crazy-looking afghan to show for it.

Also, I talked to Cody about losing weight and being smaller so that I'd have an easier time with the laundry. He wouldn't go for it.

He not only wouldn't go for it, but he also said that if he loses weight, his gravitational pull to the earth would lessen. So if he loses more weight (which he plans to do), he said he could actually grow taller.

I loathed him.

But then he made nachos and everything was okay.

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