Friday, March 27, 2009

25 things about Cody

So. Today is Cody's twenty-fifth birthday. I thought I'd just do one of those 'twenty-five things about me' lists that were sweeping the facebook world a month or so ago, only about Cody. I like to talk about him.

1. His middle name, Lee, is for his grandfather.
2. He's very strong.
3. He does this little dance when he's cooking and he's getting excited about the turn-out. It looks a little like the 'shimmy' you do in the Wal-Mart dance, but more....Cody-like.
4. He is hilarious. I thank God for this nearly every day because if I'm going to hang out with someone for the rest of my life, I would like to be entertained.
5. He tells me every day how pretty I am. It's wonderful.
6. He grew a beard on the advice of his mom, after much thought, and with the 'blessing' of his Memaw Agnes and me.
7. He chooses good advisers.
8. He looks so handsome with a beard.
9. He sings under his breath a lot, and it's usually eighties pop.
10. He is not a stress eater. Rather, he cooks his feelings. He was baking 3-4 loaves of bread every week earlier in the year.
11. He also cooks to make you happy. Once it's all said and done and cooked, everyone feels better.
12. He's donated 2 gallons of blood so far. The pin from the Red Cross came in last week.
13. I gave him Pyrex baking dishes last night as an early present and he loved them.
14. The first time he asked me out to dinner, I declined. He asked again later.
15. He was 19 when we started dating.
16. He did not admit that he thought I was too attractive for him until a couple of months before our wedding. I found the confession oddly touching in light of how confident he usually is about his attractiveness. (Example: Girls always like my belly. Even people I don't know want to touch it all the time.)
17. He really is big-boned.
18. He chuckles. I don't know a lot of people who do that.
19. He usually talks pretty quietly, but sometimes he just starts whispering for no reason whatsoever.
20. He is convinced that moms give him dirty looks whenever we hold hands in the mall because they assume I'm a lot younger than he is. We don't go to the mall very often.
21. I never have to remind him to put the strap around his neck when he uses my camera.
22. He's a giver: he was my date to a Nickelback concert a few years ago, and will be my date again when I see them next month. He really seems to hate them.
23. He's a good brother/friend/family person. I could give some cute examples, but I won't. He's just a nice guy, and I'm sure you can imagine how that plays out with anyone he loves.
24. He says he started finding gray hairs when he was 16.
25. I saw this depressingly old and frumpy couple in a Wendy's once and asked him how he felt about us growing old together. He immediately brightened up and exclaimed, "I can't wait. I'm gonna pay for everything in pennies!"

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Mom2Four said...

Nice, nice tribute. That last one made me laugh out loud for quite a while. It was hard to stop because I had never heard anyone say that before. You should have fun when you are old! Love to you both.