Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Thanksgiving (1)

I'm spoiled.

Around this time two years ago, I was waking up at 5:30 a.m., leaving my house at 6:30, and driving over an hour to a receptionist job that paid $7 an hour.

Cody had failed Spanish I for the second time, and so we were putting $20 in a box every week so that he could take it a third time in the spring semester.

I was building back up to maintenance allergy shots (that means paying $35 every week for several weeks) at an emergency care clinic because they were open during lunch hours.

I left home when it was dark and I got home when it was dark.

We were abysmally broke.

We weren't adjusting to living together very well.

Now we're nearing Thanksgiving 2008.

I make twice as much as I did (albeit before anything gets taken out of my check).
Cody is a college graduate.
I have a nine-mile commute to work.
Gas is cheaper now than it was when I was in college.
Our wedding rings are paid off.
We're making quite a dent in the car payments.
We have insurance.
I might be going off allergy shots soon.
We get to spend more time together.
Cody is a much better cook.
Somehow, I think we might be getting to spend more time with our families now.
We've made new friends.
We have more books and more places to put them.
We're in an apartment that's cuter, bigger, and easier to heat and cool.
Cody's cholesterol is better.
We've gotten better at being married.

These are all fantastic things and I'm thankful.

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