Thursday, October 9, 2008

Facebook, Part II and Et Cetera

Hello there. I can use facebook once again. I never emailed them to ask what the problem was, or even to complain. I just logged out, sulked, and seriously contemplated deleting the whole account because it's not like I could view or communicate with friends anyway. But sadly, then I'd lose a lot of pictures, which is one of the major reasons why I got a facebook account to begin with. Also, I have friends in far away and exotic places like Japan, Thailand, North Carolina, Minnesota, and California. I also have a friend who's part Canadian. I mean, he's not in a Canadian network or anything, but his genetic makeup is partially Canadian. Yeah. Crazy stuff.

But the show of concern from some of you was very thoughtful, and Monica even created a facebook group dedicated to my liberation from "binary bonds of tyranny." I thought this was a lovely gesture. I'm even an officer. My title is "Our Sequestered Sister." Illustrious, I know. Bonus points: one of my actual sisters is in the group.

Whatever the reasons for my problems this morning, I'm not removing my earlier post/rant from this morning. Mostly because I still think that if you don't like me, you should stop being friends with me whether it's in real life or a social networking thing. Yes, it might hurt my feelings, but it would save us both some hassle.

In other news, I dropped off my old printer and a cell phone and a wall charger at the Alltel Arena parking lot on my lunch break. I don't know what I'm going to use that extra space under my sink for, but it's going to be exciting. Okay, it's probably going to be jars and canning paraphernalia. That's exciting, though.

Also exiting: this picture.

This was taken Easter, 1989. There are many things to notice about this photo:

1. The young woman in the picture is Terri Dawn, a family friend and adopted college kid, aged early twenties.
2. The little girl in the pink dress who is making that very strange face is Laine, age 4.
3. Laine is prone to making strange faces.
4. The fat, lumpish being in Terri's lap is Levi, age... a few months.
5. Levi was once very fat.
6. The little white-haired child on the right is Sara, age 2.5.
7. Sara's usually smiling in pictures, so I'm not sure what the problem is here.
8. But I do know there's a problem here because I look incredibly stressed.
9. I'm the girl in front with a bow larger than my face (it was the thing to do back then!) and no shoes (that's probably how you knew it was me anyway).
10. I'm 6 in this photo, and beginning to show signs that I would be a late bloomer: at the time this was taken, I still had all of my baby teeth EXCEPT for my six-year molars.
11. We have gotten much more attractive as we've gotten older.
12. I should have grown out my bangs earlier.
13. I wonder if we'll be able to tell when Sara's hair starts turning white.
14. I wonder if Levi will ever again be described as fat.

Feel free to ask some questions of your own.

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