Thursday, July 24, 2008

Just to let you know

Just letting you know......

My parents might be more excited than I am about the fabulous new development in my asthma/allergy status. After talking with Mom, I discovered that I had my first asthma attack at 13 months (I thought I was 2 years old or so). Mom remembers this because it was a big deal, and also because she was pregnant with Laine, but was still carrying me pretty easily. (Laine and I are 18 months apart.)

I need to let Mamaw know about this. She'll be pretty excited. (The last time we visited, I caught her telling Cody the very old story, "She was such a sick little girl....It just broke my heart to see that baby so sick. etc. etc.") Now she can say things like, "She's such a vibrant young woman. We're so glad she seems to be in the prime of life. etc. etc."

Mom was the same age I am now when she was 5 months pregnant and treating her 13 month-old for asthma.

Being the age I am now and dealing with children with health problems who would turn out to be Laine and me seems like a terrifying prospect. Especially when you throw children who were Sara and Levi into the mix. Fortunately for our parents, they didn't know we'd turn out to be, us while they were raising us. I think they may have had some idea, though.

(I feel the need to use this picture every chance I get. I love it! Look at my baby fat! Ha. Also, that reminds me: I was weighed yesterday at the doctor's office and it turns out I've gained a pound. Cody said he was proud of me.)

But, since I have no children--sick, in utero, or otherwise--Cody and I do things people with kids might not want to do. Like spend a wild Tuesday night making blackberry jam. Yes, we totally did! Two whole batches. We only had two jars let us down with the sealing process. One didn't seal properly because it was overflowing and some of the jam spilled onto the countertop. Good news: Cody licked the jar and said it tasted good. I'm relieved.

So: with the exception of the fighting, Cody's left-handedness (it really was a problem), and the time I spilled sugar all over the stove, our first attempt at canning on our own was a success! We'll be opening the jar that didn't 'pop' and try out some toast soon. I'm ready to try this with something else now.

We don't know where we'll be storing the jam. 11 or so jars are just sitting on our bar, looking awkward. Maybe I'll store them with the other Christmas presents. Yes, you're probably getting jam for Christmas. Sara's birthday is coming up soon. She might be getting some then, and I don't think she even likes blackberry. Tough luck. I'm sure the Hannah Montana pajamas I plan on getting her will smooth over things well enough.

Sara will be 22, by the way. No, she does not suffer from developmental delays. She just really likes enjoying music that will annoy those around her. This is her modeling some fabulous Hannah Montana sunglasses in a store. I don't remember if she bought these or not, but I know she did go ahead and get some Hannah Montana socks.

Last night, we went to Conway to see The Science of Sleep play at Soundstage. I didn't take pictures because it was pretty dark in there, what with that place not having any lights and all. But they did a pretty good job and sounded better than they did the times before. Cody and I have been to every one of their shows. Okay, so that's only three. But still. After we talked to Spencer for a little bit, we went home and had ice cream.

I have been informed, by someone I trust a great deal, that Christian Bale's mom was a circus clown at one point. Yes. I don't know what I can infer from this, but it seems important.

Lastly, this is one of my new favorite pictures. Go Team Bridesmaids!

And I'm going to see Batman tonight. And eating BBQ beforehand. Hooray!

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