Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Pictures of not quite everything.

Let me tell you what I went through to get these pictures! Okay, it actually wasn't that big of a deal. I stopped by Wal-Mart (I swear, I'm really trying to just get pictures there. I know I could film developed elsewhere, but I want it done in an hour [it's really difficult to lose someone's pictures in an hour. Given two days, though....] and I hate Walgreen's photo center. Hate.), parking very far away so I could stretch my legs and not waste a lot of time looking for a 'good' spot. I wait in line behind some confused elderly woman and give out my information, etc. and go home. I look in my purse and realize that I have given over an unused roll of film and that the used one is still in my possession. I call Wal-Mart's photo lab and explain what's happened. The woman there tells me my film has already been run through. I ask if I have to pay for it. She says I do not. I hang up and reheat some leftovers because I'm hungry. I go back to Wal-Mart (parking far away), turn in a new roll of film to be developed, and go back home. I do lots of housecleaning things, go back to Wal-Mart (parking far, far, far away), and get my beloved pictures. Then I go home and am too tired to walk on the treadmills in the work-out room. So, here are the pictures!

Oh, and Kayla.

Part of Cody's project for Spanish.

So we went by Barnes & Noble a couple of weeks ago, and American Princes was playing right out there on the sidewalk.
Children were fascinated by them.

This is Spencer's birthday cake.
White cake, white icing.

I assure you, it looked way more frostbitten in real life.

The reason for eating outside in such frigid (mid-fifties to low-sixties) weather is in the pinkish shirt. You have to watch out for her...and her love of the deck.

Julie is saying something interesting.
Randy is thinking about how he'll make Mrs. Dicy eat Christmas dinner on his deck for revenge.

Cake again!
Yes, this is a Community Bakery cake.

And this is some of the most difficult packaging ever.

This is a game of dominoes and a very large dog.

This was taken by Sara.

The very large dog isn't really sleeping.

Mozart's paw is nearly the size of my hand.
And he outweighs me.
And he's about 5 months old.

And he's still got some teething issues.
This is Mom's hand.

Sara and Mo.

Not pictured: Dad's birthday face, the amazing (not really) pie I made him, his presents, Mom's face, me with Kevin Brockmeier (my facial expressions were a little too hysterical and red for photographing, so I passed), and, uh, lots of other people's faces, our seed-planting adventure, and Cody's dinner of....something special he made on the Sunday of the literary festival.

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