Thursday, April 10, 2008

Cody's birthday party!

Cody's birthday party pictures!

We went to his mom's house the day before his birthday for a birthday dinner.
They're digesting and watching T.V. here.
There was so much digesting to do!
I made that cake.

And then we pretty much set it on fire!

We sang at him.

And then the cake was enjoyed by all!

With milk.

Mingling in the kitchen.

Posing in the kitchen.
It's not like we have a wide assortment of afghans in the living room that would make lovely backdrops or anything.

I'll just say it: Cody got way more presents on his birthday than I did.

His meal-a-day cookbook, opened to his birthday.

(Note to self: find out if there enough pictures of Cody putting stuff in front of his face for a whole blog post.)

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