Monday, February 11, 2008

Memphis VI--Oddities

This is a mummy. Actually, it's just his sarcophagus. The remains were buried elsewhere after this mummy was discovered about 40 years after he'd been buried. Apparently, being mummified and buried in homemade vaults was the going thing from the 1820s to the 1840s. A little while after it feel out of fashion, a farmer ploughed into the vault (literally). Fun fact: the bricks were handmade.

One of the doctors who donated extensively was an ENT guy. This is a fun display case of things removed from patients' throats and lungs.

These are objects removed from people's noses, throats, and lungs. And those scary instruments above them? Why, they're removal tools of course! Ewwww. Just be grateful I skipped photographing the OB-GYN instruments. Some of it seriously looked like the kind of stuff you'd use on your cattle. Not cool. Or comfortable. Or really all that conducive to a healthy baby. The old-school medical equipment was scary in general. I'm surprised there were no trepanning tools. Maybe I was too busy trying to avoid other stuff and just overlooked that part.

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