Friday, February 8, 2008

Good Things

To steal a phrase from Martha Stewart (because I think she's awesome), I thought I'd compile a list of stuff that would qualify as "good things."

  • My dad emailed me pictures of a puppy this week. Who doesn't love coming to work and getting puppy pictures?!
  • I am not planning a wedding.
  • After writing a pretty morose blog on myspace about my dislike of cancer, I found out at least one friend was inspired to do a self-exam.
  • Being married lets me say things like, "I'm so glad you're going to feel yourself up in the shower [because that's the easiest way to do it]!" without sounding like a total creep. Really, wedding ring = a whole lot more societal freedom. Craziness.
  • I also like being married to Cody because he's really great and has eased up on listening to talk radio when I'm in the car.
  • I got to help a friend with her daughter's paper and they both really appreciated it, and I am now apparently some kind of homeschool success story. Yessssss!
  • Mom apparently enjoys our manic celebrations (cards, flowers, the occasional stuffed animal or bad drawing, and lots of exclamation points) of the anniversary of her surgery. A not-as-patient parent would have said there was something fundamentally wrong with us. (We are apparently odd.)
  • I found out my grandmother figure, Mamaw Myrtle, is proud of me for helping with the paper. Yes, this is the woman who didn't believe me when I told her I wasn't beating the boys away with a stick in college, but this is also the woman who helped instill in me my insane love of books and yarn, so it's nice to know that sometimes she's proud of me for actually doing something (as opposed to when she was proud of me for being raised by good parents, or for getting married. They were both good things, but neither of them seemed particularly noble.). I do like being liked.
  • After discussing homeschooling matters with Laine earlier in the week, my 'homesickness' for field trips became so strong that we organized an impromptu day trip in Memphis on Saturday. We're going to the Pink Palace, a yarn store, and possibly watch a movie about sea life at IMAX. And we'll get to check out Laine and Robert's new furniture. Don't worry, I'll take pictures of everything.
  • It seems like everyone is getting married or having babies or moving on up in their jobs! It's all very exciting.
  • I'm in the middle of some pretty good books right now: The Well of Lost Plots: A Thursday Next Novel, The Golden Notebook, The Extraordinary Book of Lists, and bits and pieces of some others.
  • I cannot tear my mind away from the possibility of watching the sea life movie. I hope it has seals and neon fish.
  • It's Friday, kids!

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