Monday, February 11, 2008

Bridal Fair 2008!

Alana got to wear a sticker that said she was a bride. For $10, she could've bought a t-shirt saying the same thing.

What a spectacular and gorgeous use of green! Sigh.

They let you try out bouquets. They were surprisingly heavy.

I'm guessing this cost more than what I make in a year. It was amazing.

Some of the girls tried out the oxygen bar. It hurt Alana's head, so she probably won't be having one at her wedding. That, and it costs a lot to rent flavored air, and a lot of her reception photos would've turned out like this:

They tried out the bouquets. Awesome.

I'm gaining weight. This may not be the time or place to say it, but this really makes me want to get my muscle-y arms back. Wow. And I love Alana's coat.

Me, doing the standard bouquet-in-face shot.

Jessi, doing the face-beside-the-bouquet pose.

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