Tuesday, January 22, 2008

The Weekend

On Friday, Cody made some black beans and rice and Kayla came over and we watched TV and knitted. I got a headache, took some night-time Tylenol and slept for 14 hours. When I woke up, the dishwasher was running because I slept longer than Cody did on a weekend for (I think) the second or third time ever in our marriage. We eventually got ourselves up and about and went to Sarah and Robert's wedding shower at the Whole Hog Cafe. We played Present Bingo and ate barbecue. We got them a stock pot and a potholder. We saw Jessi's new car. I took no pictures because I forgot my camera. Then we went home and I took a nap for about 2 or 3 hours. I'd had a long week, and apparently it was Cody's turn to be the super-ambitious and productive spouse for the weekend. So I let him. He made a grocery list and worked out and put gas in my car while I .....um, drooled on myself. We got groceries and rented Ocean's 13, which was fun. Then I slept about another 12 hours or so.

On Sunday, we ran some errands (dropping off film, obviously) and went to the Bennett house so Cody could use the Internet for downloading podcasts. We ate some chili, talked with Mrs. Dicy, discovered why Spencer's friend Dillon has so many stuffed animals in his closet, and then we were off to the Rumble in the Rock roller derby at Skate World (yes, they apparently still have skating rinks. That makes me incredibly happy.). We parked in the mud. Number of friends in attendance: Jen, Cody, Kayla (this was her birthday party, by the way!), Jeff, Alana, Brooke, Christina, Bryan, Brad, and Jessi. Jessi even made a sign for her friend, Amandamonium. Brad and Jeff also knew one of the players, Cocoa Booty. The team we were cheering for got beat. Brutally. The final score was something like 150 to 45. I still don't understand the rules of roller derby, but we all had fun. And I do know that you can cheer, but you shouldn't use a lot of language because a lot of the roller derby-ers are moms and their small children are usually sitting with the grandparents 5 feet from the suicide line (sometimes, the girls fall. Sometimes, the girls come flying at your face. If you sit on the suicide line [which is just tape outside the 'field'], you have to be over 18 and you're not allowed to complain if someone inadvertently rollerskates over you) . We saw a lot of, um, underwear. And ate lots of nachos with fake cheese. One girl hurt her ankle and got carried away by the EMTs on a stretcher. There were also sno-cones. It was good, exciting times all around.

Then everyone minus Jessi (she was housesitting) went to Cracker Barrel. Bryan tried to eat like a vegetarian and we laughed because that's rather difficult there. Stories were told. Food was eaten. We quickly ran to our cars when it was all over because the parking lot was freezing.

Another fun fact about Sunday: it was our anniversary. Cody and I have been together for 4 years. I had written it down in my planner, but I completely forgot about until we got home from the roller derby. I told Cody when we were getting ready for bed. (We still like being together, so there was no need to review or anything.) The discussion of our relationship went like this:
Jen: Did you know we'd be together this long?
Cody: Yeah.
J: Really? You thought we'd get married back then?
C: Well, I thought we'd date a long time.
"Because we liked each other."
"You knew I liked you back then?"
"Yeah" [Begins brushing teeth]
"Why didn't you tell me?"
"Because a guy never reveals his secrets."
"That makes no sense. And yes you do. Why?"
"Because insert plausible reason here." [Spits]

He's a funny man. I'm glad he convinced me to start going out with him. We really do enjoy spending time together. I'm glad I get to see him every day. I wish he would floss, though.

Here he is. My knight in shining armor.

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