Thursday, January 31, 2008

Snow Day?

Probably not. It's still raining here, but I think the wind has slowed down at little. Any kind of moisture will probably freeze tonight, though. Since the weather at seemed inclement this morning, I wore jeans to work. Watch out!

So last night Cody and I went out to dinner with one of his old roommates, and his wife. They were kind of an odd couple in college, and then kind of grew apart because of one's alcohol-soaked debauchery. I'm not even dramatizing it--that's just kind of what happened. But Robert spotted Cody at a stoplight a couple of nights ago, and followed him. I'm told he was also honking his horn and yelling his name. His wife, Cheri, was worried that Cody would call the police or something, but Cody took it in stride and was pretty happy about making dinner plans. (Cody? Unperturbed? Imagine that.) The two roommates seemed happy to be back together for a night. We had a good time catching up and just talking about our weddings, jobs (past and present), people from school, and stuff. We may have agreed to have a game night with them. That's right, kids. Robert no longer drinks himself silly and really enjoys Scattergories and Taboo, but not Scrabble because his wife won't let him cheat. Board games. I'll give you a minute to compose yourselves. But, yeah, aside from the gay overtones of the evening (Robert kept telling Cody how glad he was to see him, and I half-expected him to crawl into Cody's lap and snuggle with him. You know he's small enough to do it.) and driving home in sleet, it was a fun time. And Robert swears he never disliked me. That made me laugh a lot.

In other news, my youngest siblings are rocking out in terms of employment. Sara was recently named head teller at her bank (I wonder if she gets a nameplate now--nameplates are so cool to me!) and Levi should be making some really great stuff official next week. I really kind of don't want to talk about it for fear of jinxing him. But let it be known that I'm superexcited for Levi, and can be declaratively superexcited for Sara since her good news has already happened! Yay for those kids! And yes, "declaratively" is a real word. Firefox's spell check recognizes it and everything.

Cody's giving blood after work today. I want to walk on the treadmill tonight. And do some laundry--I want to have all of my underwear clean for when we lose power, which I'm pretty sure we'll do at some point tonight. But if I have clean laundry, it probably won't be out as long as it would if we had nothing but dirty clothes to wear. Don't laugh, you know you've applied this kind of 'logic' to other stuff.

But yeah, I really enjoy exercise. I don't like to run or do aerobics, though. Any kind of bouncing wreaks havoc on my not-so-great knees (thanks, Dad! I'm really grateful for getting your thighs instead of Mom's, too. Genetics are mean.) and my asthma (we can blame Mom for that one). And it just tends to make me cranky. But I miss walking. I miss feeling in shape. I'm still standing by my avowal to never do a stomach crunch again, which was made in the heat of hating Sally Wood's Body Sculpting class, which would have been all semester long because I couldn't move properly. I was rock hard all over, but I was so sore I could barely move. That was the worse class ever. Worse than Spanish II with Kristianson, worse than Biology, worse than Algebra. As hard as those classes were, none of them involved jogging or doing lunges or crunches until I almost cried. I also never had people in those classes asking that the teacher give us more work because they'd only been able to jog 50 miles that week and desperately needed more exercise and would love it if the rest of us weren't such big slackers. But yes, back to my love of being able to admire myself in a mirror. Our apartment has a little fitness center, and I've gotten on a treadmill twice this week and walked a couple of miles or so and felt happy. I can't wait for the weather to get a little less horrific so I can't walk and actually go somewhere because I kind of have a hard time not falling off the treadmill. I'll think I'll just stop writing on that note.

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