Thursday, January 17, 2008

Playing Catchup

Oh, let's see...

Tuesday: I worked quite a bit and started to feel strange. Went home and realized--in the shower, no less--that I was having trouble seeing things. Hooray for my second ever ocular migraine, which was almost immediately followed by a real-live migraine. I camped on the couch for a good long while, on ibuprofen.

Wednesday: I sat in my dark, dark office (I have to enjoy it while I can) and worked in the painfully bright light of the computer screens. Found out that my performance review was good enough to warrant a little raise. A little raise is still a raise. I feel special. And still in pain. Go home to discover that Cody has signed up for some Aflac stuff that is already covered under our insurance. A mild argument ensues. It is settled when we eat frozen pizza because it's a documented fact that frozen pizza makes everything better. We went over to the White-Courington house to watch 28 Days Later.

Jason had told me I needed to watch it after we all went through the horrible ordeal that was I Am Legend (the love children of Gollum from Lord of the Rings and Willem Defoe would jump out of nowhere just to scare you, Will Smith went a little crazy, I had my entire body tensed up for nearly 2 hours, etc.), and I'd been meaning to see it for, oh, about 5 years now. So we watched that with Jason, Alana, Jason's cousins, and of course, Rosco. It was a pretty good movie, mostly because it had British accents and Cillian Murphy, who was naked repeatedly. That was actually kind of gross because he was pretty malnourished, and had been in a coma for about a month. So when I saw him lying nekkid on a hospital bed, the first thing I thought was, "He's not catheterized! He's been peeing himself all this time?!" and then I liked him a little less, even though it was just a movie. [sigh] But yes, 28 Days Later > I Am Legend.

Today: finished one project. Will start another after lunch.

Other stuff:
We're going to a wedding shower Saturday. I need to RSVP and get a gift. I need to RSVP for that wedding, too, now I that I think about it.

We will be having a small birthday party for Kayla Saturday evening.

Some of us are strongly considering going to a roller derby on Sunday afternoon.

I'm off Monday. I think I'll get my oil changed.

I'm pretty sure we have some other plans, too. But I don't remember what they are. I guess I'll be surprised when they take place. So that's what's been going on here. My headache is almost completely gone. Work looks like it won't be quite so hectic next week. Cody is trying out a new recipe tonight. That is all.

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