Tuesday, January 22, 2008


Mom's little puppy. These pictures were taken January 5. He's probably twice this size now.

He's all wrinkly (above).He likes Cody.

He likes treats--look at his big hands!

Sit. Good dog.
He might grow into his ears. Or they just might give him superpowers.

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Mom2Four said...

Of Couse, he's big. He's supposed to be. An English Mastiff puppy like Mozart has a lot of growing to do right now. And you were right to think that he is twice as big as he was then. He weighed 44# last Friday and is now is as tall as the coffee table!!!!! We started puppy kindergarten this weekend and he was scared of most of the other puppies so we will be working on our socialization skills this week. If any of your friends would like to meet him, let me know and maybe we can come down and say hello. Love you,