Friday, January 25, 2008

The More You Know

I moved back into my little cubby this morning. Having an office(and with it, a door. That I could close.) was fun, but now I'm back to my normal spot where I can eavesdrop on everything. I can hear stuff in all 4 offices next to me as well as anything happening in the reception area. I'll spend this afternoon rearranging stuff and putting up my pictures. But the computer is hooked up to everything once again, and Reta's printed out and distributed the new phone number list. The new attorney will be here Monday. I can now watch all of the ambulances and fire trucks out my window again. Cody and I had planned on having a little Barnes & Noble date tonight, but I don't know if it will happen now that the weather's a little ugly. If it's still icy tonight, I don't want to take the 40 minutes to travel the couple or so miles to get there while I ride my brakes behind some moron who should be at home, but must make the mad dash to a grocery store to get milk and bread. But we'll see. I really want to clean out the fridge and rearrange the coat closet. Don't judge me. Everyone has their hobbies. This just happens to be mine. I forgot what we planned to do tomorrow. Probably avoid the ice, if it's still existing. Maybe go to the store, assuming there's milk and bread there. Do laundry. Possibly take care of some paperwork, and try to compile receipts for tax deductions if I'm super ambitious (which means I'll probably just take care of some of those library books). Why am I trying to squeeze all of my weekend activities into one day?, you may ask.

Because I am going to the bridal fair on Sunday! Try not to be jealous. This is my third consecutive year to go, and this time it's for Alana's wedding! My second-ever bridesmaid experience is now scheduled for May 17, by the way. That's going to make planning a little more exciting. I'm pumped. I stopped putting pictures of my bridal self as a profile picture after about 6 months. I wish I'd done it a longer now, because I looked so good. That was such a great time. Weddings can be so exciting. I'm excited.

Okay, I just got a mass-email sent by the director saying all offices are closing at one. So I guess I'm going home, slowly making my way there behind the crawling people. Now you know what I'm doing this weekend.

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