Wednesday, January 2, 2008

First Post of 2008

Well, it seems like I should say something about New Year's.

On New Year's Eve, all bureau offices closed at 3:30. I found out via email at 3:09. When you have that little notice, it seems more like a shock than a pleasant surprise. Good thing I wasn't doing anything important. Or anything at all. I got home early, as did Cody. We met up with friends at Sekisui, which is a hibachi place. I love the food, but I don't really care about the chefs. Yes, they're impressive, but please don't do everything but shout, "Look at me!" while twirling a spatula. A spatula of all things! If Cody called me into the kitchen every time he chopped up something and expected applause.....well, we probably wouldn't be married anymore because life is far too long for that kind of tedium. But the food and company were both excellent. One of the main reason we were getting together (aside from the festivities of New Year's Eve of course), was so that we could meet Lynn's special gentleman friend, Nathan before he saw everyone screaming at the Cotton Bowl on TV on New Year's Day. So we met Lynn's special gentleman friend, Nathan, and her brother, Harry (okay, some people had met him, but some of us hadn't), and his friend, Jeremy. It was a wonderful time, and we didn't want it to end there at the restaurant. Well, Sarah and Robert did, but they had somewhere else to be. So they left, and the rest of us decided to go to Coldstone because it was Jeremy's birthday.

We got to Coldstone to discover that they were closing in 10 minutes. New plan: we buy some quarts of ice cream and a cake and take it back to mine and Cody's apartment, which is so nearby that Cody ran over there--literally--because we realized that we'd left things kind of messy after we invited people over there. So while Cody was hiding the dirty laundry, Lynn, Alana, and Harry bought food. Also, Jeff had once again had a full pitcher of sake, which made him a, and Cody had had two fruity mixed drinks, which led him to give Jeremy a full-frontal hug as a birthday present. We learned two things that night--one drink is apparently Cody's limit (it's really all my CoC personality can handle, anyway) and side hugs really are for friends. So we went to the apartment. Alana put candles in the cake and we sang "Happy Birthday." We ate ice cream and ice cream cake and drank a little coffee and played games and reviewed the good things about 2007. Here's a recap.

Jen: I got a real job and my sister got married to a guy we really like.
Cody: this is terrible. I forgot what he said. I think we told him he couldn't tell us his favorite part of 2007 because Jeff already said it.
Jeff: Bill Mallonee played a wonderful house show in his living room and told him he had great friends. Well, obviously.
Alana: got engaged. We had to look at the ring again. It made our eyes hurt a little. But in a good way.
Lynn: made it through her first year of divinity school at Duke, and started dating her special gentleman friend, Nathan
Nathan: became an uncle, made it through his first year of divinity school at Duke, and started dating Lynn
Jessi: got a job she loves and saw John Mayer in concert again
Brad: quit working at Michaels. Yes, that really is what topped his list
Harry (who graduated from seminary and got a job as a preacher in 2007): saw the headless person who was still alive at the Kentucky state fair
Jeremy: was able to keep his amazing scholarship, has a job waiting for him when he graduates, and got a call about 20 minutes till midnight and found out his family's Labrador had puppies on his birthday. The puppy factor is what convinced us that he was having the best year ever.

We turned on the TV at about 5 till midnight and mocked Carson Daily and, inexplicably, A-Rod. We watched the ball drop and everyone left shortly afterwards because it was late and we were ready to go to bed, except for Jeff. He had to work from 1 till 7. But, yeah, the rest of us went to bed. I left the icing in the carpet for another day.

New Year's Day started out well enough. I woke up, showered, and got dressed. Then I persuaded Cody to do the same. Then we went to the White-Courington house. I missed the turn for their road 3 times. No, it's not the hard to spot. Yes, I have been to their house dozens of times. Once we got to their house, and I filled a glass with just ice and tried to drink it, we realized I may have been a little more tired than I realized and that Cody would be doing the rest of the driving for the day. Jason had gotten a projector with his Christmas money. He said he wanted to buy himself something cool that he didn't need. He succeeded admirably. I want to watch an action movie over there now. So we watched the Hogs lose all blown up on the living room wall. Lynn and Nathan had decided to watch the game with her parents. It was probably better that way. We yelled and were sad a lot, in spite of the food and the always-delightful antics of Rosco. Except for Jeff, who spent much of the game asleep on the floor. Good for him.

So we all left pretty abruptly as soon as the game ended, even though we should have stuck around to help clean up. We went to Cody's mom's house so he could download some stuff. I hung out with him for about 5 minutes and got bored. So I went downstairs and read magazines on the couch and listened to Spencer's band practice in the garage. That wall between the den and the garage really does not block the sound at all. Hmmm, that did not help with my attempts at napping. But yeah, they have a myspace now, so you should probably add them as friends. Just do it. They won't clutter up your bulletin space with that many bulletins or anything. Support local music, etc. etc. etc. They seem like nice boys. That's a lie. I have no idea if they're good people or not. Well, Spencer probably is. He got us a great toaster for our wedding present.

Then we went home. I remember telling Cody I would maybe go with him to see Walk Hard: The Legend of Dewey Cox and then recanting. I hate going to the movies. It's expensive, it's loud, and it's not as fun and cheap as renting a movie. And the refreshments are overpriced. And I'm cheap. And a bit of a germaphobe. And it's cold outside and and the holidays are finally over and I'm ready to just stay home because I can, as opposed to going out every other night and having fun because I have to. But I told Cody he could go if he wanted to and he said he didn't want to go by himself. So please, if you're reading this, make a date with Cody to go see a movie some time. There's about 5 or so out right now that I just can't make myself want to watch. Bleh.

So. We put in a DVD and cleaned up the house a little. I organized the desk in our bedroom, which was pretty much exploding with junk and got the icing out of the carpet (seriously, how did you manage that?!) while Cody made dinner. It was seven vegetable couscous, except we couldn't find some of the stuff at the grocery store, so it was just five vegetable couscous. He chopped up vegetables and did not make me go in the kitchen to watch him. What a pleasant guy. Dinner was great and we had enough left over for both of us to take it to work as lunch. I fell asleep in the floor before 8something. I went to bed and went to sleep at 9:15. Then I didn't want to get up when the alarm went off this morning. Going back through the events of the past couple of days (and the way I wrote about them) has convinced me: I am apparently 78 years old. And a cranky 78 at that.

Which reminds me: I'm really looking forward to my big plans tonight--taking down the Christmas tree and laundry! Wheee. 2008 is off to an amazing start....

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