Monday, December 3, 2007

A Very Fractured Account of the Weekend

Friday: sleep a little more than usual. Go to the Social Security Administration building and do my name change stuff (I get to keep my middle name). Begin eagerly awaiting the new card that should (in theory) come in 2 weeks. Pack bags. Wait for Jessi and Alana. They arrive. Load car. Eat in Benton because we're starving. Go to Hot Springs. Shop. Buy things at a fudge shop because we need to use the bathroom. Consider the possibilities of doing those old-timey photos. Ask aloud, "How many of us do you think would fit in that bathtub?" Marvel at the sparkley shininess of Alana's ring. Talk about things. Topics include: fun to be had that weekend, job prospects, relationships, other people, food we like, wedding things. Go to Travis's amazing house right by the lake and get super-pretty. Meet up with everyone (Cody, Jeff, Brad, Jarrett, Sarah, Robert) in Hot Springs and eat beautiful Italian food. Reel in shock at the sight of Jeff without a beard for the first time in....a long time. Pray for the beard's swift return. Get favors from Alana for coming to her birthday party. Woo CDs! Go to Mt. Ida in a disorganized caravan. I got to ride with Travis and Alana and listen to one of the new CDs. Everyone arrives safely. Get into pajamas and work out sleeping arrangements. Watch Alana open presents. Feel a little envious of her new electric blanket. Play games. (Did we play games Friday night? Did we watch something on TV? I honestly don't know.) Go to bed at an ungodly hour.

Saturday: wake up to discover that the White children have already gone to the store. Now we have milk. Learn how to deal with Travis's sister's seemingly complex coffee maker. I am a genius. Take a tour of fabulous Mt. Ida. Stops include: Camp Ozark, Family Dollar, Dollar General, Dairyette (best peanut butter shake I've had in a while), a rock store, and Travis's new house. Robert and Sarah go home. Because we couldn't find a basketball, we spent the afternoon watching football and snacking and napping and talking and pretending to smoke gum cigarettes and just generally messing around. Travis's delightful parents bring us deer and cake. Alana completes it with macaroni and cheese and some rolls. We glut ourselves just a little bit. Cash shows up and also enjoys the awesome, awesome goodness. Jarrett goes home. We play games and watch a few episodes of Gummy Bears on DVD. You heard me. Once people (me) start falling asleep in the floor, bedtime is declared.

Sunday: We eat brownies for breakfast. Okay, some people had cereal. I had brownies. Cody gets to take 3 seasons of Gummy Bears on DVD home. He also rides in the girl car. We listen to the other CD. We meet up with the boys--and Bryan and Christina--at the new Cracker Barrel in WLR. Cracker Barrel is awesome. (You probably didn't need to be told that.) Alana takes us, Brad, and Jessi in her car. We try to get Brad to like Hanson, but it didn't work. We'll have to try again later. Cody goes to his mom's house to work on Spanish. I go to the White-Courington house to watch Alana's new birthday present, Die Hard With A Vengeance. Help them clean the house because people are coming over. Rosco is glad to have everyone back. Kris and Jenn come over and we eat hamburgers and hot dogs. John McClane saves the country with a great deal of violence, profanity, and fiery explosions. Cody comes over and plays Guitar Hero with Jeff and Brad while I look at Alana's wedding folder. Wonderful times. Go home. Go straight to bed. Look forward to work so that I can see Jason's photos of the weekend on facebook. I took pictures too, but fewer of them, and it will take a while to get them developed, etc.

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