Thursday, December 20, 2007

Semi-Christmas, 12.18.07

Katie put these on facebook.
This was the first attempt to use the timer on her camera. It didn't end well for Spencer.

This one looks a little better, except Spencer's face isn't ready and I didn't color coordinate with the others. But here we are, mostly ready and feeling fairly Christmas-like.

Katie, a gigantic, raving Mizzou fan, got everyone Razorback shirts. The one Casey's holding is actually from Mrs. Dicy. She also got one for Katie. Ha ha. Team rivalries are fun. Did I mention that their wedding is going to coincide with a home game? She joked that she may show up a little late for the ceremony. If Spencer ever wears that shirt, it's going to be the closest thing to a light color I've ever seen him wear. I mean, I've seen pictures of him in some blue or white shirts, but I don't think I've ever witnessed the non-band, non-dark colored shirt anomaly for myself. (That's really sad, because I met Spencer about 3 and a half years ago and I normally don't recognize him unless he's wearing a band t-shirt or a red apron from the restaurant, or both. I saw him out of the corner of my eye in a Blockbuster once, and he was wearing a jacket I'd never seen, so when he said 'hi' to me, I jumped and was trying to get away before I realized who he was. In my defense, I was pretty tired.) But now everyone has something to wear on New Year's Day.

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