Thursday, December 13, 2007

Saturn Update

I just faxed the tow truck company receipt to Cody's car insurance carrier because he apparently has towing insurance. Who knew? Also, feeding a receipt that's been folded up and carried in Cody's wallet through that fax scanner was difficult. You probably could've guessed that.

This is just a little update on Cody's beloved Saturn. Even though the mechanic told him yesterday morning that they couldn't even look at his car until Friday, he called him in the afternoon to let him know that a spring had come loose in the alternator's belt, which meant the belt wasn't really running at all. So he fixed it. But when he tried to start the car, it wouldn't start. To be more specific: the key would not turn in the ignition. Then he couldn't get the key out. So the mechanic was basically calling to let Cody know he was going to take apart the ignition to see what the problem was.

I'm not sure how shop got to Cody's car so quickly, but I'm thinking it may have been the result of people's thoughts and prayers combined with the powerful draw that Saturn just exudes even while dead.

We've worked out a pretty satisfactory carpooling system that needs to be tweaked just a little more. I'll be dropping Cody off at work early, which will let him make up for the time he lost Monday morning, which his boss was pretty nice about. So that's the plan for now. If the only problem is the alternator, we can afford that and look forward to bringing the car home. If it's something more sinister, then we'll wait for the shop to tell us. We're not really thinking about the worst because we don't know a lot about cars, and can't spend very much time imagining all the horrible things that could go wrong before we run out of ideas. For now we'll just silently hate each other's driving and appreciate the outpouring (possibly too strong of a word) of love and concern for our car situation.

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