Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Oh dear Saturn

So the Saturn is a little dead. It died when Cody was coming home last night. A tow truck took it to the standard kind of car shop I hate (owned by locals, they take their time, etc.) so we don't know when we'll hear how it's doing or what it needs--unless Cody's already heard from them and hasn't called me because he's plunged too deeply in the grief process. He loves that car. It used to be his dad's before it was passed on to him, and somewhat to Casey. This was the car we were in when I found out he was going to propose to me over Christmas break. This is the car we drove away from our wedding. This is the car that only Cody can drive because the seat won't scoot forward. This is the car that gets him to work. This is the car that got new tires (all four of them!) just last year. He loves and needs this car. When Cody described what happened, the tow truck driver said it sounded like an alternator problem. What do you think alternator work on a '98 Saturn costs? I'm about to sift through the Car Talk website to see.
This is Cody in the side mirror of the Saturn last fall, airing up the constantly leaking tire before a road trip to Stamps, Arkansas. Good times.

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