Friday, December 28, 2007

Levi had a birthday

(With apologies to Laine and Sara, because I didn't quite have the hang of doing pictures with blogs when they had their birthdays.)

Levi, my brother, turned 19 yesterday. It was such a big deal that I took off work for that day. I mostly took off work so that I could take care of licensing and stuff with my car, which actually seemed pretty fitting because if you've ever met Levi, you'd know that car maintenance and generally anything even remotely related to cars is very important to him. But anyway, amidst the government renewing things and eating and acting out in Starbucks, I nearly forgot that I need to write a birthday blog for ol' Levi Alton.

Some fun and awesome things about Levi.
  • He loves his family. He's good with animals and small children. And old people.
  • He's a hard worker and a good--if not enthusiastic--lifter of all heavy things.
  • He is the proud owner of Terry, the big, green Mercedes.
  • He's a good driver. When he first got his license, I was the only sister old enough to count as an older, licensed passenger. I felt the least nervous riding shotgun with him than with either of our two sisters.
  • He's a pretty good brother. Protective to a fault (we waited until he left the state for Cody to propose, just to be on the safe side), he's a very caring and concerned sibling. Did I mention he was also protective? One of my favorite memories of Cody and Levi together was one of the first times Cody came out to the house. Levi had to go to the post office, and since Cody hadn't seen a lot of Romance, we went with him in Terry. I think this was pre-shocks work. So Levi (17 and incredibly skinny--Cody didn't quite realize how strong he was at this point) decides to be a intimidating and speeds all along the horrible gravel roads, making unnecessarily rough turns and stops and cranks up the radio. I was getting a little nervous, because he was being kind of a jerk, but then I looked back at Cody who was bouncing and sliding around in the back seat singing along with Kenny Rogers's "You've Picked a Fine Time to Leave Me, Lucille." Now they both think it's hilarious to freak me out while driving. Great.
  • He went to NASCAR pit crew school. He moved halfway across the country to do it. Whenever I tell people about my family, I expect people to kind of make some kind of disparaging remark involving beer bellies and illiterate cousins marrying each other, etc. etc. etc. when I get to Levi (which would not be cool). The vast majority of them, however, are pretty floored to have met someone who knows someone who actually wants to work in that industry. (PS: if you know someone who owns a shop, it's L-E-V-I [not "Eli"] Short and he's a great worker.)
  • He shares initials with Laine. I just think that's cool.
  • He's a pretty good judge of character.
  • He'll read the newspaper all the way through.
  • He looks good in a suit.
  • He's friendly. All of my siblings are friendly, actually. Strange. But Levi always seems to enjoy meeting new people and hearing their stories. He remembers which friends of mine I'm talking about and is interested in what's going on with mine and Laine's in-laws.
  • He's a good friend. When he was little, one of his friends had a lazy eye and would have to do these little exercises every day. He liked doing them more when Levi was over to play because Levi would do them with him. That's still one of my favorite stories.
  • I know kids who idolize him, specifically Dallas and David Lewis. Those boys have a lot of people to look up to, which makes me think that Levi must be as special to other people as he is to us.
  • We have similar tastes in music (this is one of the few similarities we have at all).
So, happy birthday, Levi. Please get over your cold soon.

This is Levi. He is obviously very strong.


stace said...

If for any reason you guys decide to kick Levi out of the Short family, can we have him? You are very right about David Lewis looking up to Levi! Whenever car racing comes up in conversation (and you would be surprised how often that does come up among kindergarten boys), he always brags to his friends that he knows someone in pit school who will someday be on Junior's crew.

Happy (late) Birthday Levi!

Jen said...

We would never get rid of Levi (he does the majority of our heavy lifting!), but it's always nice to know that so many other people enjoy him. (: