Monday, December 3, 2007

I stole these pictures from Jason!

Jeff, Jarrett, and Brad at dinner. I don't know what's up with their faces, but it makes me laugh. And here we are taking a tour of Camp Ozark. I bought that bag the day before for Cody to give to me as a birthday present, and started carrying it right then. Look at how I'm spoiling my posture!

And here we are again. Even when it's empty, it's amazing.
We are not really awake.
All the girls at dinner.
Cody needs to stand up straight. We look good, though.
Just girls. I guess I'm nervous about that.
White siblings. Jeff shaved. I don't like it.
Travis and Alana are engaged.
Our party favor CDs and the list of dedications.
My bubble gum cigarettes look incredibly real...except for the fact that they're not lit.
We're really interested in something.
This is very me. And I look a little hideous.
Sara and Robert are also engaged.
Here's a better picture of them.
All the boys.
Just us.
I'm having trouble staying on the sidewalk. I like the way the light's hitting me. This is outside one of the new buildings being built at Camp Ozark.

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