Tuesday, December 4, 2007

I don't get to check things off

Here's my to-do list from yesterday and my excuses for why I didn't some of the things listed here.

2.5+ hours of checking scanned Acts--I can explain. My supervisor left for the afternoon, so I couldn't go down to IT. I got 1.25 hours done though.
Write back to Mamaw--Done. The letter goes out today. 3 pages about every member of our family.
Finish reading Be Near Me--Yes. The ending didn't exactly let me down, but that could have been because the whole story was beautifully depressing. Dang those British writers. It's the first finished book of December. There's something very satisfying about writing that first title down on the new piece of paper for the monthly book list.
Blog about weekend--Done.
Finish scarf--Not done. Maybe today, though. I don't even know how long it is.
Grocery store--Done. There is once again frozen pizza in our home. Let us rejoice!
Laundry--Done, but not completed. There was more than I thought.
Clean off whatever is on the iron--Not done. This is going to take some time. And we don't have any vinegar. I've had to do this once before. Fibers from clothes get burned on to the surface, and then I have to put in a movie and scrub the iron with various products and cloths until Cody finds me in a sweaty heap in the floor. I don't remember what eventually got everything off. That is unfortunate.
Iron--See above.
Drink lots of water--Uh, sure.
Allergy shots (Boo.)--Done. (Boo.) I've been getting shots for 20 years now. Not cool. Well, getting help with my allergies has been cool, but the skin on my upper arms is not.

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