Wednesday, December 26, 2007


Oh, the Christmases. And my birthday. I think I already wrote about the weekend before my birthday, so we'll skip that. So my birthday was last Monday. I worked. And then Cody and I went to eat Chinese food with friends: Jessi, Jeff, Alana, Sarah, Jason, and Lynn (!), who had just gotten home from Duke that day. Good times and food were had by all.

First Bennett Christmas, 12.18.07
We had Christmas with Cody's family really early because Casey and Katie were in town. There are pictures up of that. I still haven't developed mine. I think I was pretty tired, which is probably why I only took one picture or so from my birthday. (Helpful hint: if you feel incredibly horrible, change decongestants. It will change your life.) But anyway, we got our gifts from Casey and Katie (for one thing, everyone got Razorback t-shirts) and gave them ours. And we ate. And took pictures and learned how to work the timers on Dicy and Katie's cameras. It was great.

First half of the Kayla and Jen Christmas, 12.19.07
Cody made pizza. Kayla came over and we gave her our present (a scarf). She'd forgotten to bring ours, so we just ate and watched TV and visited about Christmas plans.

Second half of the Kayla and Jen Christmas, 12.20.07
After some Christmas shopping, Cody and I went to On the Border and sat at Kayla's bar and ate and enjoyed her presents to us (a book of lists for me and a soup cookbook for Cody). I love Kayla. And chicken quesedillas.

Friend Christmas party, 12.22-23.07
Thank God I got half of Friday off. I baked banana nut bread (it's really the only thing I bake), I bought things Cody asked me to buy, I went to Kroger in the daytime (never again), I knitted scarves (yes, plural), and I wrapped things. So on Saturday, I was a little more ready for the friend Christmas party at the White-Courington house. I know I took pictures, but I don't know of what. Attendees: me, Cody, Alana, Jeff, Jason, Sarah, Robert, Bryan, Christina, Jarret, Brad, Jessi, and Lynn. Food was consumed. Gifts were exchanged and enjoyed. Games were played. And we watched that Saturday Night Live episode hosted by Lindsay Lohan when she was still attractive. And then I think we played even more games. And then some people went home and some of us stayed and went to sleep. Fun fact: Jarrett snores a little. Not so fun fact: Cody and I should not be sleeping on the same couch together, but we still do. Not smart.

Bennett pre-Christmas party, 12.24.07
We ate Mexican food with Dicy, Spencer, Cody's Memaw Kierre, Julie, Lainey, Becky, and Randy and gossiped about others who had the misfortune to not be perfect. I fear what they say about me, but not enough to behave myself around them. Oh well. In retrospect, I probably shouldn't have called my own mother-in law a skank. But she didn't seem upset. Here's how it happened: Cody was telling her that Casey was going to mail him some comics he'd finished reading. I made a face because I do not share this enthusiasm for comics. Mrs. Dicy said, "It doesn't really bother me any more" and smiled sweetly at Cody. I yelled, "That's because they both moved out, you skank! You don't have to hear about them any more!" She just laughed at me (because it was true) and said that we could always take home the old issues she has somewhere around the house. I call lots of people skanks. I've even heard my mom call one of my sisters a skank. I wish I could remember which one.

Christmas morning, 12.25.07
Cody and I exchange gifts in a semi-conscious manner. Then we loaded up the car and went to his mom's house. We exchanged gifts with Mrs. Dicy and Spencer. That was fun. We also watched a little bit of the Disney parade. That was terrible. Then we went to Memaw Bennett's house and I learned that you're not supposed to get gifts for your birthday and Christmas if your birthday's in December. That woman is insane, and clearly misinformed. Then we went to Cody's aunt and uncle's house for the big Kierre Christmas. And we ate too much. We let the food settle while we watched people play Dirty Santa and went through old pictures playing 'is it Cody or Casey?' which Mrs. Dicy won. Skank. Then we started getting ready to go. Levi had gotten bored with Christmas by 12:30 and had started calling all his sisters and asking them when they were coming home. We were able to leave before they fed us again.

Christmas afternoon, 12.25.07
We arrive in Romance. We meet Mom's puppy, who has been named Mozart. I think I'm just going to keep calling him 'big dog.' I opened the Wolfmother CD I got from Levi for my birthday and got to listen to it. That took the sting out of the fact that he beat me a bunch of times in Connect 4. Then Laine and Robert came. Then Sara and Marc. Then we opened presents and discovered that the dog likes to eat wrapping paper. So then they put the dog up. Then we opened more presents and it was great fun. Grandmother seemed especially happy with the collector's edition of Elvis Pez dispensers we gave her. It did come with a CD, and had Young, Military, and Fat Elvis heads. And then we ate a whole lot more. Oh man. I got Robert to pose with his gift. Here's a picture of it. I know, it blows your mind, right? Yes. Then, after we digested and fought a little and compared presents, we went to see what Dallas got for Christmas. We gave him our presents and he gave us ours (Cody and I got separate Wal-Mart gift cards!), and some of us went home while Sara and Marc stayed behind to play Sorry! with Dallas and his dad, Mike. Some of the people played Guitar Hero and then Sara came home kind of foul because Dallas beat her. He's quite the game player. I ate some pie. We took some leftovers and made it out of the house by 11ish.

The numbers
Pieces of ham I ate yesterday: 6
Cookbooks Cody got: 5
Slapfights: 3 or so
Times Cody was attacked by dogs: 0

It was a lovely Christmas.

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