Wednesday, December 26, 2007


I wanted to do a year-end review, but that would take entirely too long. Plus, there were a lot of things that better left unvisited (lay-offs, numerous car problems, various surgeries, the closing of Bella Lana Knitting, etc.). So I've decided to hit the high points. Here are some great things that happened this year that I thought were happy and/or noteworthy.
  • We started off the year by going to Texas for Richard and Alma's wedding! Not only did we get to see people from school, Cody was definitely the most attractive groomsman. Please excuse my bias.
  • Levi graduated. The Short children are all done! Therefor, the Short parents are now done
  • Dallas was voted "Most Studious" out of all the kindergarteners in Rose Bud Elementary
  • Casey and Katie got engaged. I don't have a picture of the ring. Just trust me, it's gorgeous. That family needs more girls in it.
  • Sara got a dog, Kahne
  • Levi moved to North Carolina to pursue his NASCAR endeavors, and graduated from Pit Crew U. He also bought his sisters t-shirts
  • Cody passed Spanish I. Fourth time's the charm.
  • I got a grown-up job with benefits and dual monitors and a real office.
  • We moved closer to where we work. Words do not describe the awesome, awesome convenience.
  • Laine and Robert got married! That was a big one
  • Bill Mallonee and his wife, Muriah, played a house show at the White-Courington house. Trust me, that was huge.
  • All 4 of the Short kids are gainfully employed. At the same time.
  • Mom got a dog, Mozart (no pictures yet)!
  • I got a library card for the Central Arkansas Library System
  • Then Laine one-upped me by getting one for Memphis. Jealousy.
  • Mom and Dad got to take some trips together
  • We had lots of fun gatherings with friends
  • People got engaged: in addition to Casey and Katie, we got to celebrate with Sarah and Robert, and Travis and Alana! Wedding Season in 2008 is going to start early, end late, and just be really, really awesome.
  • Dad got what he wanted for Father's Day--a sit-down dinner with the family
  • I made new friends
  • I went off of Mt. Dew for a while and then started up again. Stopping seemed like a good idea at the time, but going back to drinking it was an even better one
  • We went to not one, but TWO! library basement sales. Glorious. Really. About a fourth of my birthday/Christmas gifts came from there. See your gift somewhere in the pile?
  • We paid off our wedding rings
  • I got a facebook account and a blogger account. No longer are my parents dependent on one of my siblings to print out my monthly and yearly book lists. Um....yay?
  • Kelly Bisby came to my house
  • Monica Meyers came to my house
  • Kayla and I had book and yarn adventures
  • Cody and I went to the farmer's market a lot
  • Cody experimented a lot with cooking...and it usually turned out pretty great
  • I apparently took lots of pictures
  • (:
Anything awesome that I forgot? Add your own, please!

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